Adrian Cload

Adrian Cload was born 4th June 1957 and learnt to play chess at school clubs in the early years 1962-68. He won the school tournaments regularly although records have been lost. Although visits to Hastings Chess club took place the atmosphere of thick smoke and older men was a little frightening and junior players didn’t seem to be encouraged at that time even if your father, Reg Cload, was a member and future secretary and President. On one such visit the game of Kriegspiel was watched with great interest and awe!

During the following years education, music, piano playing then work and family took priority although the chess interest was still there and some games were still played. On one occasion playing in a simul on 2nd January 1986 organised by Hastings Chess Club and the Hastings congress, against Pia Cramling in Debenhams which is no longer there.

Adrian did not become a member of the club until September 2012 and has since played in the Kent and Mid Sussex leagues and won The Rider Trophy 2013, The Dent cup (summer knock out plate) in 2014.  The Pelton Cup in 2015, 2021 and 2023.  Joint winner of The Bradley-Martin cup summer 2022.  Adrian became a member of the committee during 2014/15 and has mainly dealt with premises issues as had experience with contractors when working as the Site Manager of an Academy for 23 years. Adrian has also served on the Hastings Congress Committee as Hastings Chess Club representative . Adrian also played in the congress and won his section on one occasion 2017/18 when he also won The Maureen Charlesworth Trophy for the best performance by a local player.

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