Committee Meeting: Monday 28 April 2014,


Minutes of the Committee Meeting: Monday 28 April 2014, 1830, Pelton House, Richard Almond Room

Present: Paul Buswell, Ken Lucas, Bill Penfold, Con Power, Joe Sharp, Lona Steuart,

Jim Wheeler, Mason Woodhams [8] Paul Kelly and John Driver, George Jelliss

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1830

1 Apologies for Absence: Laurence Butt, Kevin Carter (Skype)

2 Minutes of the Meeting of 24 March 2014 (previously circulated) – accepted, signed by the Chairman

3 Matters Arising not otherwise on the Agenda

3.1 Minute 3.1: Trophy winners’ & Presidents’ boards – KL – advised Anna Pontonutti of location, awaiting

unscrewing from wall (BP)

3.1.1 Richard Almond photo – BP – KL to Email source to BP (KL/BP)

3.2 Minute 3.4: Disability Forum advice – PB – advised referred to ‘East Sussex Disability Alliance’ (PB)

3.3 Minute 3.6: Adapter – MW – to be purchased (MW)

3.4 Minute 6.2: Purchase of War Stock – JW – agreed, awaiting retrieval of certificates, £250 borrowed by

Junior Fund from the Club whilst transaction in process (JW/PB)

3.5 Minute 6.4: Purchase of Hastings Pier stock – JW – advised £100 share purchased

3.6 Minute 9.1: Kent *& Sussex support at ECF Council – KL- advised Emails sent, no response

3.7 Minute 9.2: ECF & ECU – PB – advised voted as directed at last Committee Meeting

4 Chairman’s Matters – PB

4.1 New Company – steps towards integration of Company & Club – advised ‘merger’ progress, other possible

‘wording’ discussed

4.2 Grant applications – priorities, recent attempts – suggested priorities: chess boards, furniture, stair lift, events

4.3 ECF Game Fee implications – review of options, members’ views, next actions – discussion of possible

alternative structures: BP – special tournament for non ECF members, MW – all given ECF membership in

Club subscription with discount for any already members, PK – lowest tournament not graded, JD – member

of the Club only if member ECF, KL – if play in tournaments etc. then join ECF or pay Game Fee, JD – Club

should not subsidise ECF membership. Survey of Club Members views agreed (PB).

5 Secretary’s Report & Correspondence – KL – advised correspondence/Emails/phone calls passed to

appropriate Officer. Otherwise as Agenda. Correspondence/Emails sent and responses reported.

JD – request for ‘certificate’ for Daniel Lowe involvement in Friday Evening Time-Handicap (KL)

6 Treasurer’s Report & financial – JW

PB – advised £10/week increase in flat rent agreed with tenant. Gas use still under review (JW)

6.1 Budget 2014/15: any final updates, formal approval – PB – adopt budget – agreed

Adjustments: interest +£90 (War Bond), £150 donation from EG (yearly) to General Fund, Friday Raffle

expected £250/year

6.2 Non-Domestic Rates and charitable status – JW – reply received, in hand (JW)

7 Equipment & Premises

7.1 Repair work and insurance claim – PK – £3240 received from insurance, £350 excess. Additional work

outside claim £440. Housekeeper intends to decorate and re-carpet flat at own expense.

The Committee expressed its grateful thanks to PK for substantial voluntary work.

7.2 Access to Club out of Roy’s hours – PB – ‘in hand’ (PB)

7.3 Condition survey of building (potential high value spend, cf Club Rule 6.2) – PB – proposed £400+vat.

Various views: PB – have taken over Pelton House ‘unseen’, PK – nothing urgent, JD – not value for

money, KL – better to know if any major problems. Vote – 6 for, 3 against – passed. Market value still

to be determined. 7 years since insurance valuation (cost £300+vat) – not agreed.

7.4 PK – possible front step renovation (£100), BP – door and inside door also needs to be included – no action

to be taken at this time.

8 Junior Chess (several items held over from last meeting due to MW’s absence)

8.1 Junior Club 2013/14 – MW – (as last Minutes) – Mega Finals this Saturday – Committee wished ‘good luck’.

8.2 Castle Ward grants: Saturday & Sunday morning juniors – MW – courses completed, match with Burgess Hill

Juniors end June. Certificate of Merit achieved (some with distinction) by all taking test so far.

8.3 Project: Full time schools’ chess coach(es) – corporate sponsorship – Gary Willson interested in being a

School’s full time Chess Coach. Introduction meeting via Lord Brett McLean cancelled.

8.4 Sussex Junior Chess Association competitions 2014/15 – MW – applied to enter, problems as not a school?

8.5 Chess in Schools & the Communities, Malcolm Pein – contact made (MW)

8.6 Juniors’ memberships – PB – concerned Juniors are not joining the Club. MW – as benefits, regular matches

etc. are introduced then more will join (MW)

8.7 Child Protection – LS – advised everything fine, no problems.

9 Membership

9.1 Applications incl. follow up of applications from last meeting – Alfie Bilsby awaiting subscription (JD),

Moira Mitchell subscription received, Arjun awaiting subscription (PK).

Mark Ward – late renewal – agreed. Sam Cotterill – late renewal – agreed (PB).

9.2 Return of keys from lapsed members – CP – advised ‘in-hand’

9.3 New member’s welcome pack, membership cards – CP – advised simple ‘welcome pack’ being prepared,

membership card example examined and approved.

10 Tournaments & Matches

10.1 Winter tournaments – congrats to Francis Rayner (Championship), Ken Lucas (Pelton).

10.2 External Leagues &c 2013/14 – summary given. Secretary to Email Committee thanks to Match Captains

(and drivers) (KL)

10.3 McArthur Cup – Brighton away Saturday week.

10.4 Friendly matches – Brighton, Bexhill, FILO, Lord Nelson PH – general summary. The members who had

wanted FILO and Lord Nelson matches had failed to follow through despite being requested to do so by

the Committee.

10.5 Junior friendly v Burgess Hill – as Minute 8.2

10.6 Rapid plays – PB advised ‘to be determined’.

11 Any Other Business

11.1 – MW – brief summary given.

11.2 Friday night raffle – JD advised should raise £250/year

11.3 WebSite – George Jelliss handed over to Mason Woodhams. Committee thanks expressed to George


12 Date & time of next routine meeting

Monday 02 June 2014, 1830, Pelton House, Richard Almond Room

The meeting closed at 2033

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