Frederick William Womersley

Frederick William Womersley (died 13th September 1911)

Photo from: Hastings Advertiser 14 Sept 1911 p8

Mr F. W. Womersley won the club championship five times (1886, 1888, 1891, 1892, and 1902).

He was secretary of the East Sussex Building Society.

He was a son of Mr C J Womersley; and a brother of Councillor Ben Womersely.

He was shot dead in his office at 56 Cambridge Road – the offices of the Hastings and East Sussex Building Society.

He was killed by Joseph James, a chemist , of 38 Nelson Road who seemed to have a grievance against Mr Womersley. Some of Mr James’ furniture was being sold under distraint for rent, and Mr Womersley was acting for the parties concerned.

An inquests in October returned a verdict of ”Wilful murder”.

The defendant was sent for trial at the Assize court, held in Lewes. It took place on 11th December 1911 and it ws jusdged that Joseph James was ”insane, unfit to plead” and ”the order of the court is that the prisoner shall be kept in strict custody until His Majesty’s pleasure be known.
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