John Arthur James Drewitt

John Arthur James Drewitt (1873 – 1931)

Winner of the club championship in 1923 and 1931.

John Arthur James Drewitt went to Magdalen College School, Oxford and then to Magdalen College itself. He was known as an outstanding classisist (i.e. student of Latin and Greek) and he published a few articles on the subject. In the 1920s he became a leading British player. He came to live near to Hastings and was a member of the Hastings CC. His death occurred near Battle when he fell from a train. Post mortem reports showed that his heart was diseased and he may have known about this. The heart problem would have caused giddiness and could have brought about his fall from the train, though, on the other hand, his death could have been suicide, if he knew how weak his heart was.

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