Major E. H. Flear

E. H. Flear

Club President from 1963-1968.

A retired army officer, he came to Hastings and joined the Club in 1946. His father was a chess champion of Hertfordshire and was still playing in matches at the age of 90!

At an early stage he showed a great deal of interest in the Boys Tournament and was soon taking an active part in all the Club’s affairs.

Major Flear, as he was always respectfully called, was very much the military man, very precise and dignified in all he did. Over the board, he used his knowledge of strategy and tactics to great effect and was a strong player.

He was also very interested in cricket and was the local Sussex secretary for 10 years.

He died on 5th June 1971, aged 80.

Major E. H. Flear

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