Victor Pelton

Victor Pelton

Victor Pelton was born as Verdi Pelton, but was known as Victor or joe. His place of birth was Rathmines, Dublin, on 27.11.1874. His profession was an estate agent and he died in Hastings on 21.8.1955. age 80

In the early 1950s the club was having difficulty in deciding whether to stay at 7 Carlisle Parade. Mr Pelton donated £1,000 at both the 1951 and 1952 AGMs to provide money for the freehold of new premises.

In the end the club decided on 31.1.1953 to leave Carlisle Parade.

Mr Pelton’s full donation eventually came to £3,000 in today money (2017) this would be nearly £90000 pounds and 2 Cornwallis Terrace was bought for £2,100 leaving money, which could be used for re-decoration

the official re opening of the club was on the 22 may 1954 unfortunately Mr Pelton
was unable to a tended

. Pelton was appointed as an honorary life-president of the club, but he did not live for very long after this. The new premises were administered by Pelton House Ltd until 2014.

Est. 1882