Wilson Crewdson

Club President from 1910-1918.

The son of a wealthy Manchester manufacturer, he had travelled widely before settling in Hastings and had a special interest in Japanese culture. He became involved with many local organisations and was a Justice of the Peace.

He died suddenly on 28th May 1918, aged 62, whilst still in office.

(details below provided by Brian Denman)

Wilson Crewdson presided over a difficult time for the Hastings CC. The festivals had ceased after 1908, the last tour was in 1911, the chess column had ceased in 1910, and the club had suffered an important loss with the death of Womersley. There were Kent and Sussex Congresses in 1909, 1911, and 1913, but the club was in decline before WW1 started. When hostilities began, membership levels fell still further till they reached a level which was similar to the early days of the club in the 1880s. At the 1915 AGM it was reported that Crewdson wanted to resign as he expected to be in France for an extended period (N.B. I do not know if he was to be part of the army), but he was persuaded to continue.

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