Harold Stephenson’s Bracket Clock

by William R. Tatum
Sent: 08 March 2018 22:36

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Comment: Here is more information (if interested) on Harold Stephenson’s Bracket Clock that I own.

A Very Unusual, Unique, and Interesting Fine Late Victorian Bracket Clock, English, circa 1890, silvered dial, the substantial three train chain driven fusee movement # 432 with 8 bells and a gong, the dial bearing three subsidiary dials of chime/silence, chime select (Westminister or 8 bells), and through dial regulation all housed in a mahogany case with gilt mounts and gilt relief above the dial and to the sides, the case also bearing 30 engraved sterling silver award plaques of former champions of the Sussex Chess Association Trophy and below reads Won Outright Harold Stephenson Hastings 1921 (won three consecutive times). The case appears to be custom made as a presentation awards piece. In original pristine condition. The plaques bear the names of:

1893 J Bridges Lowsworth

1894 HW Butler Brighton

1895 A Emery Brighton

1896 HF Cheshire Hastings

1897 EG Reed Brighton

1898 HW Shoosmith Brighton

1899 DD Kitchin Bexhill

1900 EG Reed Brighton

1901 EG Reed Brighton

1902 EG Reed Brighton

1903 HF Cheshire Hastings

1904 HE Dobell Hastings

1905 EG Reed Brighton

1906 EG Reed Brighton

1907 EG Reed Brighton

1908 A Bowley Henfield

1909 Paley Hughes Hastings

1910 A Bowley Henfield

1911 Paley Hughes Hastings

New Rules 1912 RE Lean Brighton

1912-1913 Paley Hughes Hastings

1913-14 J Radoux Brighton

1914-15 No Contest (possibly because of WWI)

1915-16 AJ Field Brighton

1916-1917 AA Bowley Henfield

1917-18 No Contest (possibly because of WWI)

1918-19 Harold JFS Stephenson Hastings

1919-20 Harold JFS Stephenson Hastings
1920-21 Harold JFS Stephenson Hastings

Height: 27 inches
Width: 15 ¼ inches
Depth: 10 ½ inches

William R. Tatum (Bill)
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Harold Stephenson 1921 = Mrs. Stephenson 1952 = Hastings CC 1952 = Clarence Cox (Alabama Antique Dealer/Importer) late 1970’s early 1980’s = Ralph Payne (Alabama Friend of Clarence Cox) late 1970’s early 1980’s = William R. Tatum (Alabama Friend of Mr. Cox & Mr. Payne) 2001 =Present