Mr Roy Bourne

It is with much regret. I have to inform the membership of the death Of our housekeeper Mr Roy Bourne
Roy died on 1 January and was found in his flat on the evening of 2 January
Roy was 61 although yet to be determined it appears he died of natural causes
Roy as been the housekeeper of the club for approximately 8 years taking over from his wife when she died she the had been housekeeper for approximately 15 years and before that a long-time member
Roy carried out his duties for the club in a quiet, unassuming way but failing health in recent years did make that sometimes sporadic.
I’m sure all the club members will have their own memories of Roy and I will keep you informed to what the arrangements are for his funeral
needless to say I’m sure he will be missed by all  as another chapter in the club’s history closes

Marc A Bryant