Fourths edged out at Worthing

Worthing ‘C’ 3-2 Hastings ‘D’

Mid-Sussex League Division 3

Outgraded on every board we lost 2-3 to Worthing 3.

Colin Parker (144)       0-1         Daniel Lowe (141)

David Chilvers (137)    1/2         Derek Cosens (132)

Arthur Graham (134)   1-0         Gary Willson (124)

Cassie Graham (133)   1-0         Michael Dean (114)

David Wallis (121)       1/2         Robert Smart (100)

Well done Daniel! Derek and I missed opportunities to win (in my case not as the immediate analysis suggested!) Michael is rethinking his approach to an aggressive Evans Gambit. Thanks to Gary and Derek for extensive driving!


Rare Epaulette mate spotted at Crowborough

Crowborough ‘B’ 2-2 Hastings ‘C’

Mid-Sussex League Division 2
Played 16/01/2015

Only the second outing for the third team, but an anticipated close victory for us.  Hastings white on odds: 

Jan Lawrance 1 0 Mel Young

David Liu 0 1 Paul Kelly

A Aluwahlia 1 0 Steve Blewitt

Michael Redman 0 1 Marc Bryant

Caroline Campion A A Gary Willson 

Marc finished first with a neat sequence: foregoing castling as black, he advanced his king side pawns and ripped open whites defence, opening up for a neat Epaulette’s (spelling) mate delivered by his queen sweeping across the dark squares.  His opponent totally missed it. 

I was offered a draw when I had a slight positional advantage, but declined as on inspection of the remaining games, saw that Mel was struggling to hang on from an inaccuracy in the opening, Paul’s king was looking very exposed to white’s attack, and Steve was looking a comfortable draw. 

Steve saw the same and tried to push for a win, but lost in doing so to a strong up and coming junior.  Mel fought on but did eventually capitulate when out of nowhere Paul turned his game around a got a win. 

Having declined the draw, I won a pawn by a forced tactic, but reaped further rewards when she voluntarily swapped of pieces and I won a second pawn by force.  At the close I had two extra passed pawns and the dominant attacking rook. Rather than resign she wanted to check, but my Fritz assesses the position as a clear win (+5), and the only win for white in the match. 

A good win for the team, and we are off the mark.

Gary Willson reports


Hastings win on the road in Kent

Maidstone 2-4 Hastings

Kent League – County/Lewis Cups
Played on Saturday 13th December 2014, at Maidstone Leisure Centre.

1. Paul Talsma (208) 1 – 0 Ollie Willson (184)

2. Ian Watson (194) 0.5 – 0.5 Howard Tebbs (186)

3. David Munford (176) 0.5 – 0.5 Bob Elliston (181)

4. David Heath (155) 0 – 1 Adrian Pickersgill (178)

5. Robert Lane (149) 0 – 1 John Sugden (177)

6. Ian Clark (121) 0 – 1 Ray Brooks (172)

Total                    2 – 4

Board 1: Ollie was pretty much outplayed by the in-form Talsma.

The Maidstone player pushed his pawns to put a clamp on the position, then made a spectacular Rook sacrifice,

bringing a forced mate in four.

Board 2: Howard played a reversed London System against the King’s Indian Attack.  The Hastings man was, as usual, granite.

Both players appeared to be happy with an earlyish draw.

Board 3: Bob arrived the worse for some illness, donning a glove to reduce the risk of contagion.

An early draw saw this the first game finished. Get well soon, Bob!

Board 4: Adrian smoothly outplayed his opponent, nibbling away at his pawns.

The Hastings man, two pawns up in a Knight endgame, showed patience and skill to give his opponent no chances.

Board 5: John accepted the Benko Gambit pawn and hung on to it.

Soon, it was the Hastings man with the Queen-side pressure and an invasion on the a-file followed.

The Maidstone player tried to ease his position with pawn breaks on the King-side but this only created weaknesses around his King.

In just a couple of moves, John was attacking both sides of the board simultaneously. Last game finished.

From a Hastings perspective, this was the game of the day.

Board 6: The Maidstone player seemed intent on drawing from the very start, exchanging pieces and pawns at every opportunity,

whilst playing very solidly. Ray had to give ground on two occasions to keep the Queens on the board, in a stale, symmetrical position.

After thirty-odd moves the Hastings player had a slim edge, when his opponent obliged by placing his King and Queen on the same diagonal.

A great result away at our only real rivals in this geographical division, we are now clear favourites to go forward and play for the Kent County Cup.

After twenty-four away games, we’ve only lost three games, winning three matches and drawing one.
We now look forward to four home matches in a row, to complete the regular season.

First win of the season for the Fourths

Hastings ‘D’ 4-1 Haywards Heath ‘B’

Mid-Sussex League Division 3

The newly promoted Hastings fourth team notched up their first win of the season against Haywards Heath seconds on Tuesday night.

Haywards Heath took an early lead with stand-in captain Marc Bryant falling quickly but wins by Steve Blewitt, Daniel Lowe & Mason Woodhams secured the point with Derek Cosens’ result agreed a win for the home team.

Blewitt, Stephen D              1-0                 Faulkner, Martin J

Bryant, Marc                           0-1                 Ewens, Graham

Lowe, Daniel                           1-0                 Curtis, David C

Derek Cosens                         1-0                Rattray, Roland

Woodhams, Mason              1-0                Everitt, David

Match result:                         4-1

Hastings cruise past Haywards Heath

Haywards Heath ‘A’ 1-4 Hastings ‘A’

Mid-Sussex League Division 1

Paul Kelly (Capt) reports…

We arrived in good time to be told that the room had been double booked and we would play in the back snooker room while a game on table 3 would be in progress. Tables were positioned on the side. Due to poor lighting were repositioned at the end using snooker table lighting. Due to confusion on the identity of snooker table 3 tables were again repositioned at the front with Felix positioned in the naughty corner due to loud mutterings before the match started. He deferred to polite behaviour during the match.

1.Felx K 212 1/2- 1/2 H Tebbs Houdini gives 0.0

2. R Fitzgerald 183 0-1 J Sugden

3. J Boardman 180 0-1 J Anstead

4. V Cole (capt)169 1/2 1/2 J Wheeler

5. M Faulkner 161 0-1 P Kelly (capt)


I advised Jim before game that I would be very happy with a draw from him. He duly offered the draw from a good position. I suggested to Howard that he give Felix something to think about. I blundered my Queen but I got a Rook and Bishop for it. My opponent failed to find the optimum move and I was confident that I should not lose and likely win with light squared Bishop , knight and Rook v Queen and dark  squared Bishop with my King safe and his King exposed.

A fine result

Paul Kelly (Capt)

Hastings firsts thrash Lewes!

Lewes ‘A’ 0.5-4.5 Hastings ‘A’

Mid-Sussex League Division 1

  1. B West      157        0-1       F Rayner   201


  1. B Mauf       164        0-1       B Cafferty   193


  1. J Pullan      149        0-1       H Tebbs     186


  1. D Brooks    148        0-1       J Sugden    177


  1. R Welford    148       1/2-1/2 Anstead        173


0.5 –  4.5


Francis played a solid line against a Scandinavian and won a piece after his opponent overlooked a tactic. Jerry had a good Opening but simplification ended in an agreed draw. Bernard’s opponent offered a Draw in Bernard’s time. Bernard retorted that it was against the rules. He went on to win a fine controlled game. John survived an attack after taking a hot f pawn with his Bishop pinned to his King  in the center defended by a knight retreat to f8 going on to win more material in time trouble. Howard played a smooth game against a Dutch winning material only to be threatened with returning the material in mutual time trouble. It was his opponents flag that fell.


Paul Kelly (capt)

World Champion Magnus Carlsen lift trophy

Carlsen retains World Champion crown

Congratulations from all at the Hastings & St Leonards chess club to Magnus Carlsen who retains the World Championship by beating challenger (and former world champion) Vishy Anand 6.5-4.5 in thrilling Match in Sochi, Russia this week.

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