Kent league roundup

With this season’s group stage games all completed, our two teams in the Kent County League have done us proud by each winning their respective divisions.

In the County/Lewis Cup (Div1) Ray, steered his chargers to an impressive unbeaten 7-1-0 record and will now compete against Beckenham (winners of the metro section) on May 10th at The Mick Jagger Centre, Shepherds Lane Dartford. To determine the County Champion.

Intro Cup (Div6) group stage was won 6-0-2 by Adrian’s team with stand-out performances this season by Harry Stephens who has found an amazing run of form.  A juicy semi-final clash against Metropolitan group stage runners up Beckenham 4 awaits Hastings with the winners meeting either Petts Wood 5 or Maidstone 7 who contest the other semi-final.

Kent League Standings 2014-2015

Mid/East inter-club competitions 2014-15 20/04/2015
County/Lewis Cup
Team Played Won Drawn Lost Penalty Game P{oints Match Points Position
Hastings 1 8 7 1 37 7.5 1
Maidstone 1 8 5 1 2 26.5 5.5 2
Tunbridge Wells 1 8 3 4 20 3 3
Folkestone 1 8 2 1 5 19 2.5 4
Rainham 1 8 1 1 6 17.5 1.5 5
Stevenson Cup
Team Played Won Drawn Lost Penalty Game Points Match Points Position
Maidstone 2 8 5 2 1 27 6 1
Folkestone 2 8 4 2 2 18.5 5 2
Tunbridge Wells 2 6 5 3 17 5 4
Rochester 1 8 4 4 24 4 3
Rainham 2 6 6 11.5 0 5
En Passant Cup
Team Played Won Drawn Lost Penalty Game Points Match Points Position
Swale 1 6 5 1 24.5 5 1
Snodland 1 6 4 1 1 22 4.5 2
Maidstone 3 6 2 2 2 21 3 3
Tunbridge Wells 1 6 2 1 3 17.5 2.5 4
Rainham 3 6 2 1 3 15.5 2.5 5
Weald of Kent 1 6 1 2 3 12.5 2 6
Medway 1 6 1 1 4 13 1.5 7
Harvey Cup
Team Played Won Drawn Lost Penalty Game Points Match Points Position
Maidstone 4 6 3 2 1 19 4 1
Snodland 2 6 3 1 2 21 3.5 2
Weald of Kent 2 6 3 3 18 3 3
Medway 2 6 1 1 4 14 1.5 4
Tom Fuller Cup
Team Played Won Drawn Lost Penalty Game Points Match Points Position
Weald of Kent 3 6 4 1 1 15.5 4.5 1
Snodland 3 6 4 2 14.5 4 2
Swale 2 6 2 3 1 13.5 3.5 3
Medway 3 6 2 1 3 11 2.5 4
Maidstone 5 6 2 1 3 10 2.5 5
Maidstone 6 6 2 1 3 9 2.5 6
Rainham 4 6 1 1 4 10.5 1.5 7
Intro Cup
Team Played Won Drawn Lost Penalty Game Points Match Points Position
Hastings 2 8 6 2 1 19.5 6 1
Maidstone 7 8 5 3 19.5 5 2
Medway 4 8 4 2 2 1 18 5 3
Snodland 4 8 2 2 4 14 3 4
Tunbridge Wells 4 8 2 6 7 1 5

Hastings win local derby

Hastings & St Leonards 29.5 – 20.5 Bexhill

Challenge Trophy

Hastings v Bexhill Challenge Trophy
The Challenge Trophy

Hastings retain the biannual challenge trophy after a fine display this afternoon at Pelton House.

With the first team going down 10-15 the second team scored an impressive 19.5-5.5 to win the match and win the trophy for a second time.  Bexhill lead the series 3-2.

First team

D. Lowe 4/5
M. Bryant (Capt) 2/5
W. Penfold 1.5/5
K. Hossack 0.5/5
A. Cload 2/5

Second Team

M. Woodhams 5/5
A. Pontonutti 5/5
C. Power 4/5
G. Chandler 3.5/5
U. Jozwiak 2/5

Fourths’ looking good for final game of season

Eastbourne ‘B’ 1-2 Hastings ‘D’

Mid-Sussex League Division 3

The fourth’s are looking good for a win in their final match of the season away to Eastbourne second’s, and hopefully missing the drop to the 4th Division.

With the match currently 1-2 to Hastings with two adjournments but with both looking like draws, the final score could be 2-3.

Match report to follow.

Adjourned game: D. Stevenson v M.Woodhams

Despite being a passed pawn down, can black hold this position? We think yes. (White to play)


FM Bernard Cafferty suggests the best continuation for white is…

43.Kg4 h5+ 44.Kf3 gxh4 45.gxh4 Bg7, with Bh6 for black to follow, and white is still tied up, due to the activity of the black pieces.

Adjourned game: A.Cload

Once again a passed pawn up and a monster but it’s not going anywhere. Can you find the best plan for black? (black to play)  Rf1 has just been played by white.


4th Weekend Tournament

Hastings Weekend Chess Tournament

1st Hastings and St Leonards
Weekend Chess Tournament 2015

to be played in the club at

Pelton House 2 Cornwallis Terrace Hastings East Sussex TN34 1EB, United Kingdom


Saturday 30th – Sunday 31st May

Round 1 Saturday 9.30 am Round 2 Saturday 1.30 pm     Round 3 Saturday 5.30 pm Round 4 Sunday 10 am         Round 5 Sunday 2.00 pm


Any chess player graded under 180 – one section only

How to enter

By post to Marc Bryant, the arbiter, at 88 Manor Road, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 3LP Only the first 40 entries will be accepted

Entry fee

Standard=£25, Hastings Chess Club member=£20, Under 18=£15

Prizes guaranteed

Total £250 as follows 1st £90 2nd £60 3rd £25 with three grading prizes of £25 each (U160, U140, U120)

Further information

please contact Marc Bryant telephone 01424 436313 email

Organised by Jeremy Hudson and Marc Bryant

Entry form PDF format
Download Entry form

Fourths’ pipped by Horsham

Hastings ‘D’ 2-3 Horsham ‘E’

Mid-Sussex League Division 3

A very disappointing night: Well done to Marc and Daniel for very competent wins. Sadly we lost the other three.  Derek and Mason put up good fights and Derek is frustrated that he was in the driving seat until he made a little blunder towards the end. 

Marc Bryant (b)            1-0         Brian Howard

Daniel Lowe (w)           1-0         Mark Baldock

Derek Cosens (b)          0-1        Richard Barrowclough

Mason Woodhams (w)   0-1        Julie Denning

Robert Smart (b)           0-1        Dave Britton


Top flight win against Crowborough

Crowborough ‘A’ 2-3 Hastings ‘A’

Mid-Sussex League Division 1


1. D Kemp 0-1 F Rayner

2. R Elliston 0-1 J Sugden

3. J Lawrence 1/2-1/2 A Fleming

4. D Fryer 1-0 M Young

5. G Michaud 1/2-1/2 P Kelly


D Fryer was a reserve for Liu. Fleming agreed a draw in a complex position though a draw seemed fair. I was a h pawn down on a5 with black King on a2 and Queen delivering check on a7 with my king on f7 and my queen on c3. All king moves draw except Kf8 due to Qb8+ forcing an exchange of queens. In real time I would have played Kg8, though was not obliged as I had played plenty of moves with lots of time left.It is correct to move king between g8,h7 and h6 as black can not avoid the queen checks and promote his pawn.Confirmed by Shreader table bases.

Reports Paul Kelly (Capt)

Hastings ease into cup final

Hastings v Horsham

McArthur Cup semi-final 2014-5

F Rayner (W)   D Roberts   198-185 grades   1-0

B Cafferty         P Harbott   194-175               Draw

H Tebbs           P Stimpson 188-173               1-0

O Willson         P Taylor       187-171               1-0

R Elliston         T Pavlovic   184-159               1-0

J Sugden           I Comley     183-156               0-1

Hastings were drawn at home to Horsham, who had enjoyed home venue against Brighton in the three previous seasons.

Surely, recent sequences ought to be weighed in the balance to rule out such runs of good fortune! However, the rules of the competition are imperfect, as acknowledged by all the interested parties. As a result, it proved immensely difficult to settle on a date, after the pairing was issued end-October.

After failure to resolve the issue – I had offered multiple dates, all turned down – the matter was finally referred as a dispute to the controller in December. Doug Stephenson was recruited as arbitrator and after immense efforts, it was finally ruled that the match should be played on February 16.

The time limit was 32 moves in 75″ and 30″ each to complete, and the match hours were 7.23 to 10.53. it looked very even at the halfway stage and I was wondering about a board count win after Bob Elliston broke through against Horsham newcomer Tim Pavlovic. Then a reverse on bottom board, when John Sugden allowed the trick Bh6 in a closed English. He had castled and played Qd7. Alas, white had a N on d5 and would meet Bg7xh6 by winning the Q by Nf6+. The N finally penetrated to f6, winning the exchange after which technique prevailed.

I drew as Black in a QP opening where White placed a barrier if pawns on d4 e3 f3 and c3 with his pieces stationed behind them. When he finally broke out, exchanges followed and a draw was agreed.

The other three games were sterner contests. Francis had to meet the Hedgehog, always a tricky task, but coped well after suitable preparation. He broke through on the f-file to penetrate at f7 with check from a bishop, Mate soon followed.

Howard won a fine technical game lasting 55 moves. He exploited a N against a bad B with largely rigid pawns. Some careful counting of pawn races to queen were needed, but once again our man coped to build an admirable overall score so far this season.

Ollie had a sedate position, but it was broken open by White by means of a sacrifice of R for N. It almost seemed that White was about to force mate, but his own king was also exposed and Ollie saw further, to follow up his recent simul’ draw with Nigel Short in an exhibition at Brighton College. Nosher score 20 wins and no losses, so our man once again upheld the reputation of the club.

In the final we will meet traditional opponents Brighton who won against Haywards Heath in the other semi-final.

Bernard Cafferty,

An attractive finish to a game

Horsham victors

Horsham ‘A’ 3-2 Hastings ‘A’

Mid-Sussex League Division 1

  1. G Lock  202            1/2 1/2                F Rayner 198
  2. M Forster 197         1/2 1/2               H Tebbs 188
  3. 3.D Roberts 185         1-0                         J Sugden 183
  4. P Harbott  175        0-1                         J Anstead 177
  5. A Higgs  168          1-0                        P Kelly 163


New Jan Grades used

Howard agreed a draw from a good comfortable position. I was winning but carelessly overlook a tactic.. Francis agreed a draw in an unclear position with both players needing to play 22 moves in 10 minutes. Jerry has a winning ending Bishop and knight v Rook with pawns. John is the exchange down and a likely loss.

Reports Paul Kelly (Capt)

No joy for the Woodpushers

Hastings ‘C’ 3-2 Woodpushers ‘A’

Mid-Sussex League Division 2

We had a very good team victory this evening 28/01/2015:

1 Mel Young (161) 0 – 1 Ian Kelly (155)

2 Marc Bryant (137) 0 – 1 Andy Briggs (142)

3 Gary Willson (125) 1 – 0 Kevin Beglin (130)

4 Derek Cosens (119) 1 – 0 Robert Davidson (96)

5 Paul Buswell (109) 1 – 0 Hardy Burch (89)

Paul made swift work of his opponent, initiative and activity winning an extra piece and finally delivering a neat mate.

Marc made an error in the opening, and his opponent was ruthless in promoting the h pawn.

Mel made an inaccuracy in the opening, and Ian gained good board position squeezing Mel’s pieces until one was about to fall.

I won a queen for a bishop at move 13 via a simple tactic my opponent missed.  Solid afterwards not allowing any type of counterplay, I gradually took 3 more pawns with my opponent resigning when another piece was about to fall.

Derek was last to finish: an excellent position with past a and b pawns on the 6th and 7th, Robert blockaded effectively.  But with no counterplay, Derek was able to swing the rooks over and dominate the board.  Towards the time control, Robert blundered and the inevitable result came even sooner.

Excellent team result, thank you gentlemen.

Reports Gary Willson

Honours even against Sussex rivals

Hastings ‘A’ 2.5-2.5 Brighton ‘A’

Mid-Sussex League Division 1
Played 24/01/2015

  1. F Rayner         1-0             B J Denman
  2. H Tebbs         1-0           S  Wilks
  3. O. Willson       0-1          G H James
  4. J Sugden        1/2 1/2     P Batchelor (c)
  5. P Kelly (c)      0-1            J Henshaw

2.5 2.5

P Batchelor confirmed result by telephone of 2 adjourned games where B Denman considers his position hopeless and John can find no win. He said that if he had not swapped queens before the time control he could have won 2 pawns and the game. Unfortunately after I had won 3 pawns for a piece I injudiciously gave one back and just lost a  game I could have won. by one tempo. Howard played a solid strong game with the white pieces.

Paul Kelly

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