In the season 2016-17 we had three main tournaments.
In the Championship 13 players took part, 1 withdrew, it was won
convincingly by Ollie Willson.
In the Pelton 11 players took part, 1 withdrew and it was won by Mason
In the Rush we had 11 players, and only 8 finished the tournament. It was
won by Anna Pontonutti and Roy Webb.
As was mentioned, regrettably a few players withdrew due to various
circumstances, the thing we would like to avoid as much as possible. Just
a kind reminder, that –
Entering the tournaments involves taking on responsibility to complete
the games for the sake of all other players, we had at least one case in the
past when an unplayed game affected the outcome of the Championship.
The Hastings Championship is a prestigious tournament, and should be
treated with respect. Players cannot just enter and then decide not to play.
In order for tournaments to run smoothly it is very IMPORTANT that
players COMMUNICATE to the Tournament Controller when they have
issues with opponents, with their time, etc. It wasn’t always done, and it
caused problems.
Just to remind that the tournament controller and the subcommittee do
their best to organise things in an efficient and fair manner which may not
always appear fair to you.
In all it was a good year, thank you to all players and hope the next
season will be even better.
Rasa Norinkeviciute