Minutes of the Directors Meeting: Monday 08 August 2016, 1815,





Minutes of the Directors Meeting:  Monday 08 August 2016, 1815, Pelton House, Richard Almond Room

Present:  Marc Bryant, Adrian Cload, Bill Penfold, Lona Steuart, Jim Wheeler [5]

In Attendance: Ken Lucas (Minutes)


The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1815


1 Apologies for Absence:  Jeremy Hudson, Mason Woodhams


2 Minutes of the Meeting of 18 July 2016 (previously circulated) – accepted, signed by the Chairman.


3 Matters arising not already on the agenda.

3.1 Proposal: ‘Members to be allowed to take trophies home’ – amended: ‘Members of 5 years or more.’

Vote: 3 for, 1 against.  Carried.


4 Library – MB reported – still chasing non-returned books.


5 Chairman’s matters

5.1 Match Sets – 4 purchased, £417 total, +2 already in the Club – put away for Matches only.

5.2 Weekend Tournament :  <150, 24/25 September, 7 possible entries already.

5.3 New chairs –  on-going, possibly 5 needed.

5.4 Framing of pictures : more done, more to do.

5.5 Curtains rehanging – still to do.

5.6 Sale of old mags on E-bay – still to do.

5.7 Remove and repair of sign – to be done.


6 Secretary’s report and correspondence : MB reported no correspondence.


7 Treasurer’s report and financial

7.1 Membership renewals : waiting on 2 members to complete their subscription, if not paid by 01 September 2016

will cease to be members.

7.2 Budget : next years Budget sheet distributed.


8 Premises officer’s report – none.

8.1 MB advised growth in outside conservatory window – agreed MB to do as cheap as possible.


9 Website : nothing


10 Junior chess : no report.

10.1 Suggestion for new curtains – next Agenda


11 Tournament controller : MB advised all up and running, 10 mins Tournament to start soon. Notice for entries

for the Winter Tournaments will go up in September.

11.1 AC agreed to grade the Rapid Games.


12 Captains – nothing.


13 Membership

13.1 New Members : Arkady Kovalevsky (Full Member) – agreed

V Kozemjaks (Full Member) – agreed


14 Time/date next meeting : Monday 19 September 2016, 1815, Richard Almond Room, Pelton House.


15 Any other business :

15.1 Arjan <10 British Champion.  MB to write to congratulate obo Club.

15.2 AGM nominations: Chair MB, Mins KL, Juniors MW, Web MW, Treasurer JW.

15.3 MB proposed £20 donation towards the cost of the Bank Holiday 29 August Rapid Play – agreed.


The Meeting closed at 1854.

Annual General Meeting



NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of the Hastings & St. Leonards Chess Club – Hastings & St Leonards Chess Club Ltd, company registration 07737752 – will be held on Sunday 4 September 2016 at 2:00 pm at Pelton House, 2 Cornwallis Terrace, Hastings.


All Members are entitled to attend and speak but only Full Members are entitled to vote


Members are encouraged to attend but if they cannot then company law permits them to appoint a proxy and a form of proxy accompanies this notice.


Would be proxy givers are asked to consider carefully any directions they wish to give the proxy holder on how and when their vote is to be exercised or not to be exercised.  A form of proxy is enclosed for eligible members who wish to use it.


Members are strongly urged, in order to expedite the business of the Meeting, to raise beforehand with the appropriate person any points of information that might perhaps be disposed of without taking up the Meeting’s time.


Tea (complimentary) will be taken at approximately 4.00 p.m., and if necessary the meeting will adjourn for that purpose.  After the AGM there will be the customary President’s v Chairman’s Match (30 minutes per player, ungraded) for the Reg Cload Trophy.


It is not obligatory for most to submit written reports, but the following documents are enclosed with this Agenda:

Agenda item 6:                  Chairman’s Report

Agenda item 8:                 Treasurer’s Report and Accounts

Agenda item 9.4                 Librarian Report

Agenda item 10.1               MacArthur Cup

Agenda item 10.2.3            mid Sussex 3rd team

Agenda item 10.3.2            Stevenson cup

Agenda item 10.3.4            En Passant Kent

Agenda item10.3.5             Harvey

Agenda item10.4               Friendly matches



N.B. members who receive these papers by e-mail may find them collated differently to those receiving hard copy, but the content is the same!


The Minutes of the AGM of 6 September 2015 have been previously circulated but are circulated again for the convenience of Members.  Members who attended who have issues of accuracy with them should advise the Secretary in good time.









1       Apologies for Absence.


2       Announcement of any proxies.


3       One minute’s Silence for members who have died.



4       Matters Arising not otherwise on the Agenda or reported.


5     Sussex ECF representative report Julie Denning.             


6       Chairman’s Report


7       Secretary’s Report –                               vacant


8       Financial Reports


8.1     Treasurer –                                      Mr. Wheeler

8.1.1        Report

8.1.2        Accounts for the year to 30 June 2016

8.1.3        Adopt the Accounts

8.4.4        Junior Chess Educational Fund



9       Reports from other office-holders

9.1   Premises Officer                              vacant

9.2   Junior Organizer                            Mr. woodhams

9.3   Tournament Controller                   Ms Norinkeviciute

9.4   Librarian –                                      Mr. Cafferty

9.5   Membership Secretary                  vacant

9.6   Equipment Officer                         vacant

9.8   Publicity/Press Officer –                vacant

9.9   Website manager –                       Mr. Woodhams


10      Match Captains’ Reports

10.1         McArthur Cup –          Mr. Cafferty

10.2         Mid-Sussex League

10.2.1      First team –               Mr. Tebbs

10.2.2     Second team            -Mr. Kelly

10.2.3     Third team –              Mr. Bryant

10.2.4     Fourth team-              Mr. Woodhams



10.3.1      Open –                   Mr. Brooks

10.3.2      Stevenson              Mr. Harvey

10.3.4      EnPassant             Mr. Bryant

10.3.5       Harvey                  Mr. Cload


10.4         Friendly matches    Mr. Bryant


11      Other reports

11.1    Representative on Committee of the Hastings International Chess Congress –                       Cllr Elliston

11.2    Delegates to Mid-Sussex Chess League – Messrs. Bryant, Kelly,tebb woodhams                               (i.e. the captains ex officio)

11.3    Delegate to Sussex Chess Association – Mr. Elliston


12      Vote of Thanks to Retiring Officers



13         Election of Directors of the Company (i.e. Committee)


Directors also serve as Trustees of the registered charity


13.1    Chairman

Nominated to date:  Marc Bryant  

13.2    Treasurer

Nominated to date:   Jim Wheeler

13.3    Secretary

13.4    Premises Officer

13.5    Junior Director          MR Woodhams

13.6    up to six non-executive Directors


14      Election of other Officers and delegates:

14.1   Tournament Controller

14.2   Tournament Controller (summer)

14.3   Membership Secretary

14.4   Publicity/Press Officer

14.5   Website Manager

Nominated to date:  Mason Woodhams

14.6    Equipment Officer

14.7    Representative on Committee of the Hastings International Chess Congress

14.8    Delegates to Mid-Sussex Chess League (has usually been the MSCL match                                    captains ex officio)

14.9    Delegate to Sussex Chess Association.


15                Appointment of examiner of the Accounts.


16                  Membership Subscriptions and related matters

16.1    The Committee is not proposing any changes to the standard rates


Match Captains


17.1           Paul Watson Trophy (teams of six and four respectively)

17.2          Mid-Sussex League

17.3                            1st  team

17.4                            2nd team

17.5                           3rd team

17.6                            4th team                                 Mr. woodhams


18   Kent League teams: six divisions

18.1       open

18.2       Lewis                              170

18.3       Stevenson                      155                             Harvey

18.4       En passant                     140

18.5       Harvey                           125                              A. Cload

18.6      tom fuller                         110

18.7     Intro                                 /95

19         friendly matches


20      Date of Annual General Meeting 2017

to give any direction or guidance to the Committee that the AGM may see fit.


21      Any Other Business

21.1    whether or not to offer invitation to  Bethune

21.2    offer of large screen type television whether to except  not  accept



22      Presentation of Trophies

22.1     Club Championship            Mr. B. Cafferty/Mr. Rayner

22.2     Pelton Cup                        Mr. Wheeler

22.3      Rush Cup                         Mr. u Jozwiak


22.4      Anslow Cup 2015               (summer tourney)

22.5      Bradley-Martin 2015           (summer tourney)

         22.6      Winser Trophy 2015           (summer K.O.)

22.7      Dent Cup 2015                  (summer K.O. Plate)



22.10    Whyte Cup 2015 ½ hour    (summer quick play)              not contested

22.11    Rider Trophy 2015             (summer quick play)             Not Contested

22.12    Shadforth-Boger Trophy     (merit in matches)                to be announced

22.13    Starling Cup                      (10-minute)                          not contested




librarian report


It is good to be able to report that members (and one former member,
Steve Giddins) have been generous enough this year to donate something
like 35 titles to the club library.

These donors include Kevin Carter, Rasa N, Francis Rayner, and BC
himself, as well as a goodly total from the estate of the late Con Power.

Your Chairman has put a lot of effort into trying to recover books taken
out but apparently not returned. It is easy to forget that an item on
your bookshelf and mixed in with your own possessions are in fact not
yours, but rather the property of the club


Bernard Cafferty

En Passant Cup




our season in them En Passant Cup was a little disappointing as we failed to make the knockout stage

we were still in contention going into our last match but we needed to beat Tunbridge Wells which we failed to do  which effectively ended our season


En Passant Cup

Hastings 3 8 4 1 3 25 4.5 3
Maidstone 3 8 1 7 16 1 5
Snodland 1 8 5 3 26.5 5 2
Swale 1 8 4 4 22 4 4
Tunbridge Wells 3 8 5 1 2 28.5 5.5 1



Marc A Bryant

Harvey Cup, Captains report

This year we entered The Harvey Cup in the Kent League for teams of 6 players average grade of 125. I was fortunate to Captain some regular players and several others who could play so always managed to have a full team for each of the games which was also helped by having drivers in particular Gary with his 6 seater.

We had some tough games and several losses in the early rounds and a couple of postponements which needed a bit of reorganising.  We did manage to win a couple of matches one when only half of the other team turned up but we failed to make it to the semi finals

I was pleased to have Patrice win his first game for the team and to have Arjun play and draw one game. I will miss Con Power this year as he played several games for the team

I’m looking forward to running a team again this coming year

Adrian Cload

Friendly matches


At the time of writing we have played two friendly matches this year. The first was against insurance and the second against the GLC with one further match to play against Wanstead Woodford on 20 August This report would have gone out by then. The report below is courtesy of Geoff Naldrett of insurance chess club

The annual friendly match between insurance took place at the club, 16 April 2016 in an 8 boards match

This report is from the Insurance club


A closely-contested and hard-fought match ended in a 4.5-3.5 win for Hastings, who won the toss and chose white on the odd boards.  The rate of play was 36 moves in 90 minutes, followed by a 15 minutes’ quick play finish.  The first time in some years that we’ve managed to put out eight boards at Hastings!

Hastings                                    Insurance

  1. RV Elliston       190 1                I Hunnable      177     0
  2. A Pickersgill     174 0.5              DI Calvert        176    0.5
  3. J Blewitt           161 0.5              M Reddie        160    0.5
  4. D Lowe             157   1                D Sedgwick    155     0
  5. M Young          154   0.5              M Page          146    0.5
  6. MA Bryant        142   0.5             J Aldred          143    0.5
  7. D Cosens         123    0               G Naldrett       127     1
  8. K Hossack       123   0.5             J Dowlen           –       0.5

Ian Hunnable found the right move on move 12, then changed his mind and made another move, which turned out to be a blunder, as he had overlooked a winning bishop sacrifice, and resigned three moves later.

David Sedgwick’s opponent managed to get both rooks onto David’s second rank, and won the game soon afterwards to put us 0-2 down, a deficit from which we couldn’t recover.

Jerry Dowlen, making a welcome return to ICC chess, then drew to give us our first half-point and to dispel any thoughts of a whitewash.

I then managed to reduce the deficit by winning a hard-fought Open Ruy Lopez.  He had a passed e5 pawn, but I managed to create a passed c pawn.  In a bishop + equal pawns ending I offered a sac of my bishop for a pawn.  He couldn’t accept the sac, as my c pawn would then have queened, but instead he took my f pawn.  I then had time to advance my c pawn, which he had to take at the cost of his bishop, and prevent his e pawn, supported by his f pawn, from queening.  My king + bishop prevented his pawns advancing, though they were on e7 and f6.  If he had gone after my passed a pawn my bishop would have protected it and I’d have picked up his f and e pawns and would still have had time to win his h pawn and queen mine, so he sportingly resigned.

James Aldred sought the win for a long time a pawn up, but with bishops of opposite colours, but, when the last pair of rooks were exchanged, had to agree a draw, as his extra pawn was a doubled pawn.  His opponent, Mark Bryant, seemed to defend a difficult position well for a long time.

Martin Page then drew an even game, leaving boards 2 and 3 to finish.  Mick Reddie lost on time at the end of the quick play finish in an even position, and Ian Calvert drew a game which had always looked fairly even.

After some discussion it was then agreed that Mick’s game should be treated as a draw, as it would have been very difficult for his opponent to have won except on time.  We will consider an incremental time-limit when we play at Hastings next year!

So, we lost a hard-fought match 3.5-4.5.

Many thanks to Mark Bryant and Hastings for their usual hospitality.

Jerry – many thanks for your little booklet, which I see has a number of mentions of Ian Hunnable and of the Insurance Chess Club.  I had a quick flick through it yesterday evening, and enjoyed what I’ve so far read, but I don’t think the Norwegians would thank you for calling Magnus Carlsen a Dane!!

Geoff Naldrett


Here is the full result of the match against the Greater London chess club

Hastings and St Leonards chess club v Greater London chess club

1st August 2016 Bryant Edit

played on 31 July 2016


1   R, V Elliston 181    1/2      v        1/2         N Blades     183

2   H. Cove           164     0         v         1             R. Ismailov   185

3.D. Lowe            162    1          v         0            T. Packham   156

4 D. Harvey       133      1         v         0            D. Hadley       128

5 W. Stock            106    1          v          0          T. Fleming        94

6 R. Smart           99       1           v          0          J. Gorton         101

7 U. Jozwick      78       0           v          1          D. Bennett        93

8 B. Power          65R  1            v          0          S. Park

5 1/2                2 1/2


stevenson cup





Scored 2.5/6 best result 5-1 (2 draws) against Maidstone. Marc 3/4, Paul 2.5/4, Bob 4 draws.

Thanks to the essential drivers and the 13 man

squad and thanks to Marc for the support.



Derek Harvey

MacArthur Cup report





The last two seasons have been a trying experience for our team members
and their captain.  Home fixtures against Horsham CC (the semi-final in
2014-5 and the final in 2015-6) have proved very difficult to arrange,
with the away side declining so many offered dates (ten offers in total!!).

At least in the former case the match was finally played ‘only’ four
months after the pairing was first issued. On the second occasion four
dates were turned down, and the inadequate nature of the competition’s
very old and inadequate rules made it impossible to agree a date for the

That meant that after over a century of tradition, except for war years,
the competition was left unfinished, a most unsatisfactory outcome. A
new set of tighter rules seems imperative to me.

In any event, after eleven seasons in the post I am standing down as
captain and recommend that the club not enter again until a new set of
appropriate rules is in place



Bernard  Cafferty

Chairman’s report

I have now spent my second full year as chairman and I’m glad to report that this year has been far less stressful than my first, things in the club appeared to settle down and the membership are getting on with the business of playing chess.

As the years go by we gain new members and we lose some old ones this year has been no exception we lost in April Con Power as I stated in my notification to the members Con was the bedrock of Hastings chess for some 50 years he will be sadly missed by All

To our new friends. I give a warm welcome to the club and should they require any advice on club activities I am always available

Over the last year we have run a series of little weekend chess tournaments which appear to have been successful making the club a small profit the next one will be run on the 24th 25th of September for players grade 150 and under. I would like to thank Jeremy Hudson for his help in this regard.

Raza continues to run the internal club tournaments in her quite unassuming way for which I thank her.

In external club tournaments which individual captains will report on in detail

the mid Sussex league second-team narrowly avoided promotion to the first division the second team came with a late charge to survive relegation Howard Tebbs who run our first team which finished mid-table and a fourth team was relegated

In the Kent league our first-team defending champions run by Ray Brooks made it to the semi-final but were unable to continue their good form all of the other teams failed to reach the knockout stage

Roy Bourne suffers some health issues this year, resulting in two stays in hospital but he continues to clean and open up the club and although the servings of teas have sometimes been sporadic the situation is being monitored and I thank Roy for all his efforts Whilst suffering ill health I wish him a healthier 2017.

The downstairs flat continues to provide a substantial income for the club which in affects results in a subsidised membership fee for club members without this income your membership would undoubtedly double however this being said  finances under Jim Wheeler are in a relatively good state the club having a net surplus this year of around £2000 but we should not be complacent as any structural work on the property in any given year would easily wipe this out  plus some of our reserves, however, that being said there is no intention to raise club subs this year.

Any member wishing to pay their subscription by instalments will need to do so by direct debit or standing order this year please liaise with Jim Wheeler on this.

The Library

we continue to try to chase up long overdue books so far this has resulted in about 60 books being returned this process will continue and I’m sure Bernard to will make his own report.

The premises.

Paul Kelly felt the need to resign as premises officer I thank him for the hard work he has put in over the years.

The junior chess club continues to go from strength to strength initially being run by Gary Wilson and being taken over by Mason Woodlands.

We are still without a club secretary.

Committee meeting Have been held approximately one a month over the last year however there seems to be a lack of enthusiasm for attending them on no less than three occasions we have only just made a quorum.

We require more people to become committee members.

Many thanks to Ken Lucas who has continued to be the minute secretary without actually being a member of the committee this a great help to me.

I’d also like to thank Paul Buswell acting as company secretary even though he is no longer a member something I still hope to remedy.

Mr. Arjun Kolani played in the under 10 British championships this year and succeeded in coming first equal winning the Neil Carr Scholarship Prize) The prize entitles Arjun to one year of funding for the 3 year ECF International Programme which he will begin in January 2017. He achieved his win and prize on the very day of his 9th birthday On behalf of the club. I congratulate him.

Lastly anybody who feels they wish to run for chairman please feel free to do so as I stated before on many occasions you get what you vote for it is no good complaining if you do not like the odd decision the committee or chairman might make. If you do not wish to get involved, then do not get involved!!!

I hope everybody will have a very enjoyable Chess year


Mark a Bryant



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