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Junior Club returns 11th September

Junior club will return on Wednesday 11th September 2019 6:00-7:00pm for fun, games and prizes. Doors open 5:45pm.

As with last season we will be fielding a team of juniors in the Kent Chess league for the upcoming 19/20 season, the boys and girls did so well last season finishing third in the division, it’s only right that we continue to encourage tournament chess for our brilliant junior squad.

New for the upcoming season will be the establishment of a Junior Academy. This will be a more rigorous and regular training programme that will replace our previous ad-hoc pre-match training days. The Academy will be by invitation only and restricted to juniors who are members of the main club.

It should be an exciting and fun year ahead and we look forwarding to seeing you all again after your summer hols.


Junior Club prizes

Just two sessions remain for the junior club this year and the two pyramid tournaments of regular chess and the variant, losers chess are coming to a very exciting conclusion. Top of the pyramids are Chamithu for regular chess and a six way tie for losers chess between; William, Alise, Edie, Ruslan, Alex & Alexandria.

Last session is 19th December and we return on 9th January

Top prize is below.


Juniors re-enact Battle of Hastings

So children from the Hastings and St Leonards Junior Chess Club, this week re-enacted the Battle of Hastings to commemorate that fateful day for the last Saxon king.

Chess arrived in England with the Normans, so what better way to visualise the Battle with the greatest wargame ever made.

“Standing behind his shield wall, Harold stands atop Senlac Hill looking out over the amassed armies of the Norman invaders. Archers (bishops) stand ready on both sides to launch a barrage arrows at each other but can the shield wall stand firm and hold for reinforcements (which appear on the board on move 30).”

It’s black to move and conquer England, can you do it? or will history change and Harold reign supreme?

On the whole children preserved history with William victorious the odd one or two managing to upset the odds and keep England in Saxon hands, one even getting checkmate in two moves!

The strategies employed during the real battle were described to the children and some employed the same ideas by attacking the flanks others tried striking down the central pawn duo/quad both either way a lot of fun was had.

Did the real Duke of Normandy use chess to plan his battle strategy? One for historians we think.

Mason Woodhams
Junior Organiser & ECF Accredited chess coach


Hastings crowned Kent rapidplay champions


Well done team! A fine effort to beat a strong Beckenham team 10.5-5.5 in the final.


Thankyou to all who took part this year:


Nicolas Varley (2 matches) 5/8 (62.50%)

Daniel Lowe (4 matches) 13/16 (81.25%)

Paul Kelly (6 matches) 15.5/24 (64.58%)

Steve Blewitt (4 matches) 9.5/16 (59.38%)

Ollie Willson (2 matches) 6/8 (75.00%)

Jim Wheeler (3 matches) 9.5/12 (79.17%)

Marc Bryant (2 matches) 5/8 (62.50%)

Adrian Cload (1 match) 2/4 (50.00%)


Winning team photo attached…


Maureen Charlesworth Chess Challenge

To celebrate Hastings Week there will be a chess tournament at the White Rock Hotel on Monday 8th 2018, 7:00PM

Aimed at casual players (those without an official chess grade or low grade).

Now in its 9th year, a popular tournament with trophies and cash prizes for juniors (below the age 14) and for seniors.

Each participant will play five games against different opponent with time controls roughly 12 mins each.

Entry fee payable on the night TBD but usually a very modest amount of a few pounds.

Contact 01424 728300 to pre-book or for more information.