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This was a great result in the end. We went at least two nil down, maybe more, then pulled back slowly with a win from Patrice and draw from Howard. Then we had four wins near the end from Brenden, Ollie, Mason and then, last to finish, me

Win 5 ½ to 4 ½
White on odds

Captain      A Cload

O Willson 185     1-0      David Spearman   189
Tebbs     182     ½-½      Larry Marden     177
Kelly     167     0-1      Mark Murrell     157
Ruane     160     1-0      Paul Barclay     150
Cload     134     1-0      David Smith      146
Woodhams  133     1-0      Ben Harte        128
G willson 129     0-1      Paul Haddock     125
Hossack   116     0-1      David Rawlings   124
Jozwiak    78     0-1      Voldi Gailans     89
Tournier   67     1-0      Jean L Mara       56

Chairman report

Chairman report

Another year has gone by and in that time we have lost three former members of the club.

Nigel Harvey until recently had been member since the 80s died in December. He had had a long battle with cancer for over 10 years, a battle he sadly lost in December.

John Driver who until recently had been a member for over 10 years was enjoying a rare visit to the club, died suddenly at the board.

Roy Harper, a member of the club for a few years, died in March.

I would like to express my condolences to all the families on behalf of the chess club.

I’ve said this before and will say it again: it is my view that nobody should get too comfortable in the roles they perform for the club. I have now completed three years as chairman. Only the membership can judge as to whether they were three years good or bad years. It is time for somebody else to take up the role of chairman. This is not to say I am not unwilling to continue in the role, I would just not oppose anybody who wishes to have a go.

It has been extremely busy year for me in relation to the club. In December the vegetation growing at the back at the club came down during a storm into the clubs back courtyard. Also with the death of Nigel Hartley there was a lot of work to get the flat back up to a level where it could be rehired. This work which was done over a period a 2 ½ months costs the club approximately £2000 and lost the club approximately £1200 in lost rent, something I’m sure Jim Wheeler will report on. I would like to thank Paul Kelly for work he did in getting rid of the vegetation at the back of the flat and welcome him as the new tenant.

Another major issue which came to light when dealing with the flat was the fact that we seemed to be paying over the odds for our water, paying two lots of standing charges, road drainage, and waste water. This seems ridiculous to me so I took on the water companies and after six months of arguing with them the water company eventually saw things my way but not before giving £220 in goodwill gestures. I’m happy to report the we are now on a water meter which means instead of playing in advance we now paying in arrears and we are only playing for what we use, a potential saving of about £1000 a year.

Another issue that came to light and is something we will need to address in the next five or six years at considerable cost is the upstairs conservatory which is in a dreadful state. This again will have a cost implication on our budget. I was hoping this year to ring fence  £1500 a year over the next five years in order to get this work done. However, because of the previous mentioned issues with the flat this year, it had to go by the board. We’d intend to start this process this year.

In what now seems to be becoming a tradition Alan Barton gave a talk at the club in June and July. I’m sure all those that attended enjoyed these talks. I would like to thank Alan for his efforts.

Paul Buswell did one of his traditional bank holiday tournaments which was greatly enjoyed by all. It was very nice to see Paul in the club and would like to thank him running this tournament.

We also ran three Weekender tournaments this year bringing in a small profit. However I’m unable to continue to do these as I’m now employed at weekends. Anyone wishing to take over these tournaments please let me know.

We have a twinning events on the 23rd and 24th of September when Bethune visits us. I’m very grateful for the fact that Mason Woodhams very kindly agreed to run this. Any members wishing to offer their support please contact Mason.

The internal tournaments seem to be running on a reasonably good timetable now and all the winter tournaments have been sent for grading. My thanks to Raza for looking after these.

Congratulations to Ollie Willson in the coming club champion in convincing style with no losses and drawing only three game. Mason Woodlands was a likely winner of the Pelton. Roy Webb and Anna Pontonutti sharing the Rush.

External tournaments.

It was not an over successful year our first team in Sussex league finished third, the second and third teams finished fourth and six respectively. At one stage it looked as if second-team would gain promotion and the fourth team in division three still remains the best 4 in Sussex

Kent league.

We failed to qualify for the semi-finals in the Harvey En Passant and Fuller in the Stevenson and went out in the semi-finals.

Roy Bourne, despite health issues, continues to function as a housekeeper although there have been a few problems with the opening of the club. It is still preferable to having no one at all in the building to open I thank him for his efforts in the past year.

Please remember that the AGM is your opportunity to express your views on how the club is run. At the last AGM everything seemed to go through on the nod which of course makes my life as chairman very easy. However I would rather have a lively AGM in which things are discussed in order to facilitate the best outcome for the club.

Lastly, I’d like to thank all the members of the committee for their work during the last year.

Marc A Bryant

Premises officer

Premises officer

Several things have happened to the premises this year but mainly a lot was spent on the lower flat and there is now a new occupier there. The fire extinguishers and gas tests were completed. We have purchased a new sign for the front of the building
Items in the pipeline include repairs to some damage to the upper gable, the gents toilets are in need of refurbishing as there is a leak to the lower ladies toilet ceiling but it’s not clear where the leak is coming from, I am looking to get some quotes for the toilets, lots of the firms I use at work are not interested in “domestic” work they deal with large “commercial” works so it’s quite hard just to get someone to turn up when I want them let alone quote, the area above the gents toilet is in need of the glass roof repair which could be the cause of the leak when it rains but this will be an expensive item. The new sign needs to be put up. The small water heater in the kitchen area needs replacing.


In the season 2016-17 we had three main tournaments.
In the Championship 13 players took part, 1 withdrew, it was won
convincingly by Ollie Willson.
In the Pelton 11 players took part, 1 withdrew and it was won by Mason
In the Rush we had 11 players, and only 8 finished the tournament. It was
won by Anna Pontonutti and Roy Webb.
As was mentioned, regrettably a few players withdrew due to various
circumstances, the thing we would like to avoid as much as possible. Just
a kind reminder, that –
Entering the tournaments involves taking on responsibility to complete
the games for the sake of all other players, we had at least one case in the
past when an unplayed game affected the outcome of the Championship.
The Hastings Championship is a prestigious tournament, and should be
treated with respect. Players cannot just enter and then decide not to play.
In order for tournaments to run smoothly it is very IMPORTANT that
players COMMUNICATE to the Tournament Controller when they have
issues with opponents, with their time, etc. It wasn’t always done, and it
caused problems.
Just to remind that the tournament controller and the subcommittee do
their best to organise things in an efficient and fair manner which may not
always appear fair to you.
In all it was a good year, thank you to all players and hope the next
season will be even better.
Rasa Norinkeviciute

Library report

Library report

I am pleased to report that the club library has again been the beneficiary of some significant donations.

Some are from the estate of the late Nigel Harvey, while pride of place must be taken by four substantial hardbacks from a US publishing firm which the ECF office has donated via the agency of James Wheeler.

The four books are on Capablanca, Joseph Blackburne, Henry Bird and our own Vera Menchik.

In addition, former mayor Paul Smith, on a recent trip to Prague, secured a copy of the 2016 Czech book on Vera Menchik on behalf of the club.

This is in the difficult Czech language, of course, but it is richly illustrated. If necessary I can decipher sample sentences in the work, should any member wish to avail himself of this service.

Bernard Cafferty,

10 JULY 2017

Friendly Matches

Friendly Matches

During the course of the season we have had three friendly matches but, at the time of writing we have had two. The match against Wanstead Woodford will be played in late August.
We had the pleasure of entertaining both the Insurance chess club and the Greater London chess club in matches this year. Tthe results of the respective matches are shown below

Hastings and St. Leonards v Greater London chess club
1 T Stock 178 1 v 0 Tim.Pelling 184
2 R.V.Elliston 175 1 v 0 Nigel Blades 181
3 D Lowe 175 1 v 0 Tony Packham 163
4 J. Wheeler 161 0 v 1 Jason Rihel 160
5 A. Cload 134 0 v 1 Francois Swiegers 129
6 M. Woodhams 133 1 v 0 G. Broadbent
7 W. Stock 119 1 v 0 delroy Bennett 97
8 R. Webb 109 1 v 0 John Gorton 99
9 U. Jozwiak 78 1/2 v 1/2 Tom Flemming 83
6.5 2.5
Hastings and St Leonards v Insurance

1 MA Bryant 14 0 0 1 David Sedgwick 175
2 P. Kelly 169 1 0 Ian Hunnable 173
3 H. Cove 167 0 1 Ian Calvet 171
4. B.Ruane 160 1 0 Mick Reddie 162
5 J.Wheeler 158 1/2 ½ Martin Page 150
6 S.Blewitt 158 1 0 Geoff Naldrett 136
7 D.Harvey 130 1 0 J.Aldred 130
4.5 2.5

Marc A Bryant

Mid Sussex league second-team report

Mid Sussex league second-team report

It was an eventful season for the second team in which we use 18 players in our squad this year
of the players who played more than one game Kelly Ruane and Blewitt were the only players to remained undefeated

We started the season off with wins against Hastings 3 4.5 1.5 and Uckfield 1 3.5 1.5 we then tie the match against Lewes 1 we beat argumentative 3 2 which put us in a good position for promotion however our run in was not good losing to Horsham 3 and Eastbourne 2 3 2

we now needed at the very least to get a win and a draw from our last two matches to get promotion

in our next match, we absolutely thumped Crowborough 5

This meant we needed to beat Brighton 2 in our final match to gain promotion we failed to do this going down 3 2 thanks to Daniel Lowe who came back from university for this specific match

This meant that we finally finished a disappointing fourth in the division
Division 2 Results
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 plyd MP GP DP
1 Brighton & Hove 2 3 2 3 4.5 3.5 1.5 3.5 3.5 8 6 24.5 0
2 Lewes 1 2 3.5 2.5 3.5 3.5 2 4.5 3.5 8 5.5 25 0
3 Horsham 3 3 1.5 3 2 1.5 4 3.5 3 8 5 21.5 4
4 Hastings & St Leonards 2 2 2.5 2 3.5 4.5 5 2 3 8 4.5 24.5 0
5 Uckfield 1 0.5 1.5 3 1.5 2.5 3.5 3 4 8 4.5 19.5 0
6 Hastings & St Leonards 3 1.5 1.5 3.5 0.5 2.5 3.5 3.5 2.5 8 4 19 2
7 Crowborough 2 3.5 3 1 0 1.5 1.5 0.5 3 8 3 14 3
8 Eastbourne 2 1.5 0.5 1.5 3 2 1.5 4.5 2.5 8 2.5 17 0
9 Argumentative 1.5 1.5 2 2 1 2.5 2 2.5 8 1 15 0

A special mention must go to Jeremy Hudson in all his mid Sussex league games this season he scored 5 ½ out of seven giving him a percentage of 79% six best overall in the entirely league this is a considerable improvement on where he was last year

Marc A Bryant

En Passant

This is a six-player tournament played in the Kent league on a round robin bases with teams averaging 140 and under.
This season was not very successful. We finished bottom of the league winning only one match and drawing one. However the drawn match was against the league winners. 18 club members took part in this competition during the course of the season.

SWALE (1) 8 5 1 2 28 5.5
RAINHAM (3) 8 4 2 2 26.5 1 5
TUN WELLS (3) 8 3 2 3 26 4
MAIDSTONE (3) 8 4 0 4 21 4
HASTINGS (2) 8 1 1 6 17.5 1.5

Tom Fuller

Tom Fuller
This is a tournament in the Kent league for teams of four players with an average grade of 110 and under.
We had a mixed season in the Tom Fuller finishing mid-table.
11 club players represented the squad particular. Note goes to Umberto Jozwiak who scored 4/4.

SWALE (2) 7 4 3 0 17 5.5
SNODLAND (2) 7 5 1 1 17 0.5 5.5
RAINHAM (4) 7 2 3 2 14 3.5
MAIDSTONE (6) 7 3 1 3 14 1 3.5
HASTINGS (4) 7 2 2 3 14 3
WOK (3) 7 3 0 4 13.5 3
MAIDSTONE (5) 7 1 3 3 12.5 2.5
MEDWAY (2) 7 1 1 5 8.5 4 1.5
Marc A Bryant