At this time of year the organisers of Hastings International Chess Congress are usually busy preparing the entry form for the annual event which should start at the end of December. To enable this a new lead sponsor is needed to replace Tradewise Insurance Company whose agreed term of sponsorship came to an end after the 2018-2019 event.

Hastings Borough Council, which has sponsored the tournament for many years, is willing to continue its support but this requires match-funding. The Congress is seeking to raise £10,000-£15,000 to enable this historic and world renown event to take place as usual at the end of this year. So far £2,000 has been pledged towards this target. The present day Congress which takes place from 28th December to 6th January each year, brings considerable income to the town at a time of year when visitors are scarce.

Each year the event attracts around 400 entries from over 20 countries and provides excellent opportunities for aspiring players to achieve international honours. The careers of many illustrious chess players have benefited from playing here. The event also provides a feast of chess for ordinary club players. The games in the Masters tournament are broadcast worldwide attracting a wode audience and the IT aspect is something which could easily be exploited to a sponsor’s advantage.

The recent success of the English team securing the silver medal at the world Open Team Championship also owes some debt to Hastings. All members of the team have honed their skills at Hastings.

The great Hastings tournament of 1895 cemented its place in chess history being the strongest worldwide chess event of the 19th century. The list of participants reads like a roll-call of the world’s greatest chess players. The late Russian grandmaster David Bronstein, who tied for a World Championship title, said that Hastings had become an integral part of Hastings and English heritage.

The centenary of the Hastings International Chess congress will take place in 2020-2021. Sponsorship is being sought urgently to ensure the continuation of the event this year. However, the ultimate aim is to attract a major sponsor which would enable the Congress to recover its past status in the international chess calendar.

For further information please contact:

Pam Thomas, PR Officer, Hastings International Chess Congress
e-mail: pae123@aol.com
Tel: mobile: 07817 446070 home: 01424 445348

Hastings International Chess Congress is the World’s most historic chess event in which many World Champions have played. The late Russian grandmaster, David Bronstein said that Hastings Congress had become an integral part of English heritage. This event provides an ideal opportunity for any company seeking promotion locally, nationally and internationally.

● The Hastings International Chess Congress is the longest running international chess tournament in the world and will reach its centenary in 2020-2021. A time to celebrate.

● Players range from grandmasters to local club players and include children.

● The event attracts local, national and international media coverage.

● The Congress incorporates separate tournaments including a 9-round Open event in which grandmasters compete, five-day events for the casual club player and a Weekend Congress. Entries number around 400 from upwards of 20 countries. This allows for a range of sponsorship opportunities, total or partial.

● The website www.hastingschess.com is active throughout the year and displays results and live games during the event attracting an international audience. The IT aspect of the event provides excellent promotional and merchandising opportunities for any sponsor.

● The event offers opportunities for corporate hospitality.

● Events carry the sponsor’s name relative to level of sponsorship.

● We would be very happy to talk to any interested parties when we could provide more detailed information.

Find out more by contacting:

Pam Thomas
PR Officer, Hastings International Chess Congress
e-mail: pae123@aol.com
Tel: mobile 07817 446070 home 01424 445348