Lewes 1   Hastings & St Leonards 1


28 Nov  Lewes 1 Hastings & St Leonards 1 Â
1 186 Costley, Martin O 0 1 Rayner, Francis 192
2 164 Maufe, Barry 1 0 Sugden, John N 190
3 156 Welford, Richard R 0 1 Tebbs, Howard L 182
4 150 Pullan, James ½ ½ Cove, Henry 170
5 139 Robinson, Adam 1 0 Ruane, Brendan J 161
Av: 159 2.5 2.5 179


FW: MSCL Div 1 Lewes 1 v Hastings 1 28 November 2017Hi all,Just a quick update as I was busy with my own game and didn’t have much of a chance to look at the other games.Francis was feeling really unwell when we arrived but then went on play probably his best game of the season to record a very nice thematic win in an English. John was probably holding but apparently made some errors towards the time control and has probably adjourned in a lost position. I had a nagging edge throughout the middle game and reached  a level material knight and bishop ending with a 2-1 queenside majority. I am not sure that it was completely sound but I sacked a pawn to activate my King and reach what I hoped was a winning knight and pawn ending. My opponent eventually gave up his Knight for my passed b pawn and in the adjourned position I am clearly winning with Knight and 3 pawns versus his 4 pawns. Henry was apparently in trouble in his game at some point but made an opportune draw offer, which was accepted, with both players having a number of moves to make with little time to reach the time control.  Brendan played a delayed Wing Gambit in a Sicilian and reach what looked to be a crushing position. However instead of maintaining a strong bind and improving his position he played a small combination which won a piece for a couple of doubled pawns but left his Knight on a8 with no means of escape. His opponents pieces sprung into life, regaining the piece, and soon obtaining a won position.So it s a 2.5 – 2.5 draw which although not being what we hoped for, bearing in mind that we out-graded then on every board, could easily have been even worse.RegardsHoward