Mid Sussex League AGM Report

An informal report on  the Mid Sussex League AGM attended by an H&StLCC Director on 07/09/21

After lengthy discussion, it was decided to adjourn the meeting until 07/12/21 with a view to starting the leagues in January 2022 with a shortened season.
This was because:
(1) Many clubs have only just started up again, and were unsure as to how many teams could be raised.
All clubs reported a reduction in numbers of players.
(2) There was no agreement on what Covid policy to adopt.
Sussex University had proposed that masks be worn by all players during matches, and that all players were either double vaccinated or had a recent Covid test.
This was felt to be unworkable.
In the meantime, clubs were free to organise friendly matches between themselves as they saw fit.

Watch this space for updates as we receive them.