Shadforth-Boger Trophy

 (merit in matches)


This trophy is generally very hard to award as it is very subjective, players play at different strength against players of different strengths and in different tournaments therefore is not always awarded to the player that does best in matches but to players that it is considered have done best relative to his grade and strength


This year in matches the club played total of 435 games71 games up on last year at the time of writing with 187 wins up 48 on last year 113 draws down 9 and losing 135 up 34 


42 players represented, the club this year 10 up on last year


Of them players only 4 players who played more than 3 games remained undefeated


The shortlist, for the trophy year has been narrowed down to 7 players who are for the third year running Howard Tebbs for the second year running Francis Rayner and also Daniel. Lowe Alan. Barton Mason. Woodhams Tobias. Stock Henry. Cove


Daniel. Lowe record was played 9 Won 5 Drew 4 and no loss this gave him a percentage rating of 77.7% and +24 performances against his grade


Howard Tebbs played 17 games for the club winning 6 drawing 8 and losing 2 this gave him a percentage rating 58.8 and = against his grade


Alan. Barton played 19 games for the club winning 8 drawing 9 and losing 2 his percentage performance was 65.7 with a +9-rating performance


Tobias. Stock played 11 times for the club winning 7 drawing2 and losing 2 his percentage performance was 73% with a +3-grading performance


Mason. Woodhams played 27 games for the club winning 14 drawing4 and losing 9 his percentage performances was 59.2% and grading performance was +4


Francis Rayner played 10 games for the club winning 6 drawing 1 and losing 3 his percentage performances was 65% and grading performance was -3


Henry. Cove played 23 game for the club winning 11 drawing 4 and losing 8 percentage performances was 56.5% and a Grading Performance was +11


 The Winner of this trophy will be decided by a vote at the AGM by the members attending


Marc A Bryant