MINUTES of the Directors Meeting 1815-1910 Monday 13 August 2018,

MINUTES of the Directors Meeting 1815-1910
Monday 13 August 2018, Richard Almond Room, Pelton House

Present: MBryant, ACload, AHustwayte, PKelly, KLucas, WPenfold, LSteuart, JWheeler [8]
Member: APenfold

1 Apologies for Absence – none

2 Minutes of the meeting 2 July 2018 – agreed, signed/dated by Chairman

3 Matters arising not already on the Agenda – none

4 Library – nothing to report

5 Chairman’s Matters
5.1 Framing of pictures – on-going
5.2 AGM – a few reports still to come, everything ‘in-hand’, Nominations from
the Committee, ‘Housing Sub-Committee’ MB to make proposal to AGM as
Committee action to be ratified.
5.3 Curtains – on-going
5.4 Wobbly Table – on-going
5.5 Utilities – Gas and Electric up for renewal – MB to seek cheaper options – agreed.
MB to investigate cost of re-positioning of the meters (currently all in basement flat).

6 Secs’ Reports and Correspondence
Club – nothing to report
Company – nothing to report
MB read out letter re memorial/donation – MB to respond.

7 Treasurer Report on financial
7.1 Member renewals – still two members to complete payment
7.2 Budget – new sheet distributed/discussed

8 Premises Officers and Housing Committee Report
8.1 Housekeeper – resident from 08 August 2018
8.2 Outside Sign – to be arranged now Housekeeper available
8.3 ‘To Do’ – MB advised of work to be done in the building. Float of £150 agreed
so MB can proceed.
8.4 Championship Board – MB to investigate cost of renovation and up-dating.

9 Website – nothing to report

10 Junior chess – nothing to report (closed for holidays)

11 Tournament Controllers Report – tournaments are ‘up and running’

12 Captains Report
12.1 Kent Summer QP – JW reports the team won all 4 group games and now in

13 New members
13.1 Paul de Buf – FM – agreed unanimous (grade ca. 170/180)
13.2 Peter Bedborough – FM – agreed but subscription to be paid ‘up-front’.

14 Time/date next meeting : Monday 24 September 2018, 1815, RA Room, PH

15 Any other business
15.1 MB will change the old mobile number as contact to Housekeeper land-line on the outside board.


Mins 130818

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of the Hastings & St. Leonards Chess Club –




NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of the Hastings & St. Leonards Chess Club –


Hastings & St Leonards Chess Club Ltd, company registration 07737752 – will be held on Sunday 9 September 2018 at 2:30 pm at Pelton House, 2 Cornwallis Terrace, Hastings.


All Members are entitled to attend and speak but only Full Members are entitled to vote


Members are encouraged to attend but if they cannot then company law permits them to appoint a proxy and a form of proxy accompanies this notice.


Would be proxy givers are asked to consider carefully any directions they wish to give the proxy holder on how and when their vote is to be exercised or not to be exercised.


A form of proxy is enclosed for eligible members who wish to use it.


Members are strongly urged, in order to expedite the business of the Meeting, to raise beforehand with the appropriate person any points of information that might perhaps be disposed of without taking up the Meeting’s time.


Tea (complimentary) will be taken at approximately 4.30 p.m., and if necessary the meeting will adjourn for that purpose.


After the AGM, there will be the customary President’s v Chairman’s Match (30 minutes per player,

ungraded) for the Reg Cload Trophy.


It is not obligatory for most to submit written reports, but the following documents are enclosed with this Agenda:

Agenda item 5                    AGM minutes 2017

Agenda item    6:                   Chairman’s Report

Agenda, item 7 ………………. Club Secretary Report

AGENDA ITEM 8                    Treasurer Report

Agenda Item   9                    Premises officer

Agenda item    11           TOURNAMENT CONTROLLER REPORT

Agenda item 13                Webb Site

Agenda item    14.2              Mid Sussex 2

Agenda item    14.3               mid Sussex 3

Agenda item     14.5              mid Sussex agm

Agenda item    14.6               Stevenson cup#

Agenda item    14.7              Harvey

Agenda item     14.8               En Passant Kent

Agenda item      14.9              Tom Fuller

Agenda item      14.11             Kent summer Quickplay

Agenda Item       14.12              Friendly matches

Agenda item       15               Hastings chess Congress

Agenda item    20.10            Shadforth Boger

Agenda item     20.1              Voting form Shadforth Boger

Agenda item    19                     Election of Directors

Agenda item 23.1                    Housing Sub Committee



N.B. members who receive these papers by e-mail may find them collated differently to those receiving hard copy, but the content is the same!


The Minutes of the AGM of 3 September 2017 have been previously circulated but are circulated again for the convenience of Members.  Members who attended who have issues of accuracy with them should advise the Secretary in good time.




1       Apologies for Absence.


2       Announcement of any proxies.


3       One minute’s Silence for members who have died.


4       Matters Arising not otherwise on the Agenda or reported

5       approval AGM minutes 2017

6       Chairman’s Report                                                    MR Mr. Bryant


7       Secretary’s Report –                                               Mr K. Lucas


8       Financial Report Treasurer –                                   Mr. Wheeler

8.1         Report

8..2        Accounts for the year to 30 June 2017

8..3        Adopt the Accounts

8.4         Appointment of examiner of the Accounts.


9       Reports from other office-holders

9     Premises Officer                                                Mr Cload

10     Junior Organizer                                             Mr. woodhams

11     Tournament Controller                                   Ms Norinkeviciute

12     Librarian –                                                       Mr. Cafferty

13     Website manager –                                        Mr. Bryant

14      Match Captains

14.1   Mid Sussex League 1st team                           Mr Kelly

14.2   Mid Sussex League 2nd team                         Mr Bryant

14.3   Mid Sussex League 3rd team                          MR Willson

14.4   Mid Sussex league 4th team                            Mr Woodham

14.5 Mid Sussex AGM Report                                  MR Willson Kelly Woodhams

14.6       County                                                                  Mr Kelly

14.7       Stevenson                                                           Mr. Cload

14.8       Harvey                                                         Mr Bryant

14.9       EnPassant                                                    Mr Bryant

14.10       tom Fuller                                                  Mr Jozwiak

14.11      Kent summer quickplay                             Mr wheeler

14.12     Friendly matches                                         Mr. Bryant


15   representatives on Committee of the Hastings International Chess Congress -Mr Elliston

16   Delegates to Mid-Sussex Chess League – Messrs. Bryant, Kelly woodhams Willson

17       Delegate to Sussex Chess Association – Mr. Elliston Delegate to Sussex Chess Association

18               Vote of Thanks to Retiring Officers



19              Election of Directors of the Company (i.e. Committee)


Directors also serve as Trustees of the registered charity


19.1     Chairman

19.2     Treasurer


19.3    Secretary

19.4    Premises Officer

19.5    Junior Director

19.6    up to six non-executive Directors


Election of other Officers and delegates:

19.7   Tournament Controller

19.8   Membership Secretary

19.9   Publicity/Press Officer

19.10   Website Manager

19.11    Equipment Officer

19.12    Representative on Committee of the Hastings International Chess Congress

19.13    Delegates to Mid-Sussex Chess League (has usually been the MSCL match

captains ex officio)

19.14    Delegate to Sussex Chess Association.



20                Membership Subscriptions and related matters

The Committee is not proposing any changes to the standard rates


Election Match Captains



Mid-Sussex League

20.1                            1team

20.2                            2 team

20.3                            3 team

20.4                            4team

Kent League teams: six divisions

20.5       open

20.6       Lewis                              170

20.7       Stevenson                      155

20.8      En passant                     140

20.9       Harvey                           125

20.10       tom fuller                       110

20.11      Intro                               95

20.12         friendly matches

21                Membership Subscriptions and related matters

The Committee is not proposing any changes to the standard rates



22     Date of Annual General Meeting 2019

to give any direction or guidance to the Committee that the AGM may see fit.


23      Any Other Business

23.1    Housing sub committee


24      Presentation of Trophies

24.1     Club Championship                                         John Sugden

24.2     Pelton Cup                                                       Steve Blewitt

24.3     Rush Cup                                                          Patrice Tournier

24.4     Anslow Cup         (summer tourney)        tba

24.5     Bradley-Martin    (summer tourney)                tba

\ 24.6       Winser Trophy       (summer K.O.)                             tba

24.7    Dent Cup                     (summer K.O. Plate)    tba

24.8    Whyte Cup 2015)

24.9         Shadforth-Boger Trophy (merit in matches)     to be announced

24.10    Starling Cup          (10-minute

24 11 Isis and Roy Bourne trophy                                 John Sugden















AGM Minutes 030917

AGM Minutes 030917

Attendees: : BartonA BryantM CaffertyB CloadA EllistonR HossackK JozwiakU KellyP LucasK PenfoldA PenfoldW RaynerF RuaneB SteuartL StockW TebbsH WheelerJ WillsonG WillsonO WoodhamsM[20]

The Chairman opened the Meeting at 1400.

1 Apologies for Absence: BlewittS KimberJ MikurendaA NorinkeviciuteR
PickersgillA PontonuttiA

2 Announcement of any proxies: none

3 One minute’s Silence for members who have died: DriverJ, HarperR, HarveyN -observed by all.

4 Minutes of the AGM 040916 (previously circulated) – accepted, signed by the

5 Matters Arising not otherwise on the Agenda or reported:
5.1 Bethune visit – being organised by Mr. Woodhams.

6 Chairman’s Report – Mr. Bryant – accepted, no questions.

7 Secretary’s Report – vacant, no report.

8 Financial Report Treasurer – Mr. Wheeler
8.1 Report – accepted, no questions.
8.2 Accounts for the year to 30 June 2017 – accepted, no questions.
8.3 Adopt the Accounts – agreed
8.4 Appointment of examiner of the Accounts – PSmith (unanimous)

9 Reports from other office-holders
9.1 Premises Officer – Mr Cload – accepted, no questions.
9.2 Junior Organizer – Mr Woodhams – 13/14 per week, 3 with Sussex Juniors – accepted, no questions.
9.3 Tournament Controller – Ms Norinkeviciute – accepted, no questions.
9.4 Librarian – Mr Cafferty – accepted, no questions.
9.5 Membership Secretary – vacant
9.6 Equipment Officer – vacant
9.8 Publicity/Press Officer – vacant
9.9 Website manager – Mr Woodhams – accepted, no questions.
9.10 Stevenson – Mr Bryant – accepted, no questions.
9.11 Harvey – Mr Cload – accepted, no questions.
9.12 EnPassant – Mr Bryant – accepted, no questions.
9.13 Tom Fuller – Mr Bryant – accepted, no questions.
9.14 Friendly matches – Mr Bryant – accepted, no questions.
9.15 Mid Sussex League 1st team – Mr Kelly – 3rd, JS very good, HT thanks, too many draws.
Q(GW) GM Bogdan availability, PK possibly 2 matches.
9.16 Mid Sussex League 2nd team – Mr Bryant – missed promotion, accepted, no questions.
9.17 Mid Sussex League 3rd team – Mr Harvey – accepted, no questions.
9.18 Mid Sussex league 4th team – Mr Woodhams – ‘best 4th team in county’, accepted, no questions.
9.19 Representative on Committee of the Hastings International Chess Congress -Mr Elliston – money problems
as usual, accepted, no questions.
9.20 Delegates to Mid-Sussex Chess League – Messrs. Bryant, Kelly, Woodhams, Harvey – AGM not attended
(BC expressed concern – MB to try to attend next year), accepted, no questions.
9.21 Delegate to Sussex Chess Association – Mr Elliston – accepted, no questions.

10 Vote of Thanks to Retiring Officers – given by the Chairman.

11 Election of Directors of the Company (i.e. Committee) [Directors also serve as Trustees of the registered charity]
11.1 Chairman – MBryant – unanimous.
11.2 Treasurer – JWheeler – unanimous.
11.3 Secretary : Club – KLucas – unanimous. Company – JWheeler – unanimous.
11.4 Premises Officer – ACload – unanimous.
11.5 Junior Director – MWoodhams – unanimous.
11.6 Up to six non-executive Directors – LSteuart – unanimous.
Child Protection Officer – LSteuart – unanimous.

12 Election of other Officers and delegates:
12.1 Tournament Controller – RNorinkeviciute – unanimous.
12.2 Membership Secretary – vacant.
12.3 Publicity/Press Officer – vacant.
12.4 Website Manager – MWoodhams – unanimous.
12.5 Equipment Officer – PKelly – unanimous.
12.6 Representative on Committee of the Hastings International Chess Congress – RElliston – unanimous.
12.7 Delegates to Mid-Sussex Chess League (has usually been the MSCL match captains) – as usual – unanimous.
12.8 Delegate to Sussex Chess Association – RElliston – unanimous.

14 Membership Subscriptions and related matters
14.1 The Committee is not proposing any changes to the standard rates – agreed – Full Membership £80, other

15 Match Captains
15.1 Paul Watson Trophy (teams of six and four respectively) – vacant
Mid-Sussex League
15.2 1st team – PKelly – unanimous.
15.3 2nd team – vacant – MBryant has taken on.
15.4 3rd team – GWillson – unanimous.
15.5 4th team – MWoodhams -unanimous.
15.6 MacArthur Cup – MWoodhams to investigate entry – agreed.
Considerable discussion on number of teams – too many and players can become unable to play in lower teams,
too few and some members fail to be able to represent the Club – unresolved.

16 Kent League teams: six divisions
16.1 Open – not entering.
16.2 Lewis <170 – PKelly – unanimous. 16.3 Stevenson <155 – ACload – unanimous. 16.4 En passant <140 – MBryant – unanimous. 16.5 Harvey <125 – MBryant – unanimous. 16.6 Tom Fuller <110 – not entering. 16.7 Intro <95 – not entering. 17 Friendly matches – PKelly – unanimous. 18 Date of Annual General Meeting 2018 – Sunday 09 September 2018 (JW/GW – agreed, one against). 19 Any Other Business 19.1 Committee authorised to decide on Match Captains as necessary – agreed (one against). 20 Presentation of Trophies 20.1 Club Championship – OWillson 20.2 Pelton Cup – MWoodhams 20.3 Rush Cup – APontonutti/RWebb 20.4 Anslow Cup 2017 (Summer Tourney) – BRuane 20.5 Bradley-Martin 2017 (SummerTourney) – GChandler 20.6 Winser Trophy 2017 (Summer K.O.) – BCafferty 20.7 Dent Cup 2017 (Summer K.O. Plate) – not completed 20.8 Whyte Cup 2017 (½ hour Summer Quick Play) – PKelly 20.9 Rider Trophy 2017 (Wednesday Afternoons) – MBryant 20.10 Shadforth-Boger Trophy (merit in matches) – JHudson 20.11 Starling Cup (10-minute Quick Play) – PKelly

Chairman’s report 2017 18

Chairman’s report 2017 18
This year has been an extremely busy year for me personal and within the club
The year started with the death of our resident housekeeper Roy Bourne he and his late wife Iris had held the housekeeper’s job for over 25 years
Elizabeth Lewis and former member Michael Dean and both died in June and Brian McCague who Was a member in the early 70s died in August
I would like to express my condolences and those of the chess club to all the families on their loss
The early part of the year I spent getting the now vacant housekeepers flat up to a letting standard
I also took on the cleaning duties for the club for a fee until a new housekeeper was found
The committee decided to advertise internally for a new housekeeper on the basic lines of free accommodation for opening and closing the club and also cleaning duties
On this basis two members applied Paul Kelly and myself in order to assure that the vetting process was above board A committee was set for this purpose
Their decision was that I myself would become the new housekeeper this in itself meant a lot more work, as I had now had to vacated my property at Manor Road and get my stuff move to the club at the date of writing this report I am 90% there but have not yet got into a routine at the club
Being chairman and now housekeeper there is the potential of a conflict-of-interest for this reason the committee has put proposal to the AGM whereby all matters relating to the housekeeper where there is a potential of a conflict of interest with the chairman’s job would be resolved by the subcommittee I would urge you to support this motion if you consider that the conflict is too great then consider running for chairman however I am happy to continue in this role
During the year, we had two twinning matches one against Bethune which is a biannual match and a new one against Dordrecht a club we had links with in the 60s and 70s
Both twinning matches were considered I believe to be a huge success I must thank Mason Woodlands to taking the lead in organising this event also thanks to Greg Chandler this is translating
Dana and Lila Woodlands with their waitressing and Jim Wheeler the supplying the Beer and Sharon Woodlands for ferrying various equipment
The Dordrecht twinning match was held in May and again seemed to be considered by the members took part as a great success thanks to Jim Wheeler for supplying the beer which seem to be greatly appreciated by the Dordrecht players
Bernard Cafferty again give a couple of talks one preseason talk and 1 at the end 0f the season which was greatly enjoyed by all those who attended and for which I thank him for
In club league matches it is probably fair to say we had one of our best seasons ever winning mid Sussex league division one and Division II titles and getting to 3 Kent league finals many thanks to the captains Paul Kelly Mason Woodlands Gary Wilson Adrian Cload and Umberto Jozwiak
club tournaments continue to be run in an efficient manner under the watchful eye of Rasa Norinkeviciute for which I thank her
I would like to congratulate John Sugden on winning the championship Steve Blewitt on winning the Pelton and Patrice Tournier on winning the rush
Paul Buswell did a couple of his famous one-day rapid play at the club was greatly enjoyed by everyone who played and I would like to thank Paul for his efforts and congratulate John Sugden on winning the Iris and Roy Bourne Trophy
The premises officer Adrian Cload had a reasonably quiet year we did have a leak from the roof
I thank him for his efforts
club finances due to some creative accounting we made a very small profit this year
, we need to keep a watchful eye on our finances and should be looking to try to make a good surplus each year rather than rely on reserves which slowly diminishing many thanks to James Wheeler
Ken Lucas acted as secretary and minute taker this year bearing in mind he is not playing very much chess I thank him for his continued support
The library had a large donation of book this year by MR John Knott 300 titled books for which the club was extremely grateful a lot of these titles the club did not have and very much enhanced our library however this does mean that we may well have to increase our library space Bernard Cafferty has continued in his diligent role of librarian for which I thank him

The Hastings International Congress is continuing to survive on a shoe string budget under the watchful eye of Alan Hustwayte’s and his team Bob Elliston is the club representatives I thank him for his efforts
I would like to thank all members of the committee who have served this year
I would like to take opportunity to wish all the club members a good chess 2018 2019 and remind you all the Subs are now and on that happy note I conclude this report
Marc Bryant

Club Secretary Report 2017/18

Club Secretary Report 2017/18

Due to health reasons I haven’t played Chess this year, nor visited the Club regularly (except for Committee Meetings, where I take the Minutes).

I continue to act as a ‘clearing house’ passing on Emails and telephone calls to the
relevant Committee Officer, and general information to the membership as requested.

Unfortunately, more I cannot now do, but when I make my come-back BEWARE !

Ken Lucas

Premises Report

Premises Report
There has been no major work carried out to the premises over the last 12 months. We have had the roof Dorma window repaired under insurance during the winter and most recently a water leak in the roof tank was repaired.
There has been some work carried out preparing the upper flat for re occupation. All the gas servicing has been carried out and the fire extinguishers have received their annual checks.
We are hoping to have the new signage that we purchased last year installed before the AGM

Adrian Cload
Premises Officer

Tournament Controller Report

Tournament Controller Report

In the season 2017-18 we had three usual groups Championship, Pelton and Rush. In total we had 28 players taking part in these competitions.
The Champion is John Sugden . Pelton was won by S.Blewitt and Rush was won by P. Tournier.
Two places received a right to move to further section. Therefore, from Pelton S. Blewitt and J. Kimber received a right to play in the Championship and from Rush P. Tournier and G. Chandler received a right to play in Pelton.
We have a system where a few last places are demoted to the lower sections.


Webb Site

Webb Site
Since Christmas I have had very little spare time and have done little with the website other than putting up basic information and results
prior to Christmas I had more or less finished the past players profiles and had set up players pages for current members
I would urge all players to write something about themselves it can be personal or about your chess activities
more with it enables new members to be able to integrate more easily into the club knowing something about the existing players M
Marc A Bryant

Mid Sussex league second-team report

Mid Sussex league second-team report

It was a good season for the second team in which we use 9 players in our squad

of the players who played more than one game 6 of the 9 players remained undefeated

We started the season off with wins against

Hastings 3               4.5–5

Horsham 3              4–1

Eastbourne 2           4—1

Crowborough         41/2   ½

Horsham 2              4—1

Lewes 2                 4—1


this left us in a very strong position for promotion


we then tie the the match at Uckfield 1 where we defaulted a board this guaranteed us promotion

we now needed a draw from our last match to be league champions

we achieve this against Wood pushers 1


This meant that we finished champions 0f Division II and gain promotion to the first division next year a big thanks to the nine players who made the squad Bernard.Cafferty Paul Kelly Marc Bryant Nicholas Varley Brendan Ruane Steve Blewitt Jim Wheeler Derek Cosens Henry Cove and Steve Blewitt had the best performance in division two of the league this season averaging 79% Win rate

Division 2 Results

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9   plyd MP GP DP
1 Hastings & St Leonards 2 4 2.5 4 4.5 4.5 2.5 4 4 8 7 30 1
2 Horsham 3 1 3 2.5 3 3 4 4 3.5 8 6.5 24 0
3 Wood pushers 1 2.5 2 3 1.5 3 3 4 4.5 8 5.5 23.5 1
4 Horsham 2 1 2.5 2 4 3.5 4.5 4 2 8 4.5 23.5 0
5 Hastings & St Leonards 3 0.5 2 3.5 1 3 2.5 3 2.5 8 4 18 0
6 Crowborough 0.5 2 2 1.5 2 4 3.5 3.5 8 3 19 0
7 Uckfield 1 2.5 1 2 0.5 2.5 1 2.5 3 8 2.5 15 1
8 Eastbourne 2 1 1 1 1 2 1.5 2.5 5 8 1.5 15 5
9 Lewes 2 1 1.5 0.5 3 2.5 1.5 2 0 8 1.5 12 1

Marc A Bryant

3rd Team in the Mid-Sussex League

Report from Gary Willson on Hastings & St Leonards 3rd Team in the Mid-Sussex League

The matches for the season went as follows:

1 0.5:4.5 loss to HSL 1 (as expected)
2 3:2 win at home to Crowboro, an excellent result
3 3:2 loss away to Horsham 3, a very creditable performance
4 1.5:3.5 away win to Woodpushers, arguably our match of the season. It made avoiding relegation a distinct possibility, but also gave our 2nd team a green light to go for promotion ias division champions
5 1:4 loss at home to Horsham 2, an expected result.
6 2:3 away win at Eastbourne 2, possibly our most satisfying result, as it “guaranteed” our safety, as well as beating our neighbours :).
7 2.5:2.5 away draw to Lewes, a very close game, tense to the very end.
8 2.5:2.5 home draw to Uckfield. Good performance against our higher rated opponents, Brendan’s draw on the top board a notable performance.

My thanks go to all the players who contributed throughout the season. Needing to balance putting out as strong a team as possible whilst giving opportunities is not an easy thing to achieve. Equally difficult was managing the nominations rule in the MSL, and I think across the 4 teams we managed this as well as can be expected this season.

Away games continue to be problematic. Getting a team together can be a difficult task, so my thanks (and the thanks of the club) go out to all the players who contributed this season (esp Mssrs Bryant, Wheeler, Hann, and Woodhams, and also to Mssrs Blewiit, Ruane, Cload, Cosens, Stock, Hudson, and Ms Pontonutti)

Gary Willson

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