Hastings v Dordrecht

Round 1
A Section
board White v Black
1 Mark Timmermans 0.5 Francis Rayner
2 Rene Krul 0.5 John Sugden
3 Rik de wilde 0.5 Howard Tebb
4 Jacques Hennekes 1–0 Bernard Cafferty
5 Marcel Playmert 0–1 Daniel Lowe
6 Jan Willem Verloot 0.5 Paul Kelly
7 Ton Slagboom 0–1 Bogdan Lalic
1 John Sugden 0.5 Mark Timmermans
2 Howard Tebb 1–0 Rene Krul
3 Bernard Cafferty 1–0 Rik de wilde
4 Daniel Lowe 1–0 Jacques Hennekes
5 Paul Kelly 0–1 Marcel Playmert
6 Bogdan Lalic 1–0 Jan Willem Verloot
7 Francis Rayner 1–0 Ton Slagboom
total 9.5–4.5
Round 3
1 Mark Timmermans 1–0 Howard Tebb
2 Rene Krul 1–0 Bernard Cafferty
3 Rik de wilde 1–0 Daniel Lowe
4 Jacques Hennekes 1–0 Paul Kelly
5 Marcel Playmert 0–1 Bogdan Lalic
6 Jan Willem Verloot 0-1 Francis Rayner
7 Ton Slagboom 0.5 John Sugden
total 9–12
Round 4
1 Bernard Cafferty 0–1 Mark Timmermans
2 Daniel Lowe 0–1 Rene Krul
3 Paul Kelly 0–1 Rik de wilde
4 Bogdan Lalic 1–0 Jacques Hennekes
5 Francis Rayner 1–0 Marcel Playmert
6 John Sugden 0.5 Jan Willem Verloot
7 Howard Tebb 0.5 Ton Slagboom
total 15–13
Round 5
1 Mark Timmermans 1–0 Daniel Lowe
2 Rene Krul 1–0 Paul Kelly
3 Rik de wilde 0–1 Bogdan Lalic
4 Jacques Hennekes 0–1 Francis Rayner
5 Marcel Playmert 0–1 John Sugden
6 Jan Willem Verloot 1–0 Howard Tebb
7 Ton Slagboom 0–1 Bernard Cafferty
total 16–19
Round 6
1 Paul Kelly 0–1 Mark Timmermans
2 Bogdan Lalic 1–0 Rene Krul
3 Francis Rayner 1–0 Rik de wilde
4 John Sugden 1–0 Jacques Hennekes
5 Howard Tebb 1–0 Marcel Playmert
6 Bernard Cafferty 1–0 Jan Willem Verloot
7 Daniel Lowe 1–0 Ton Slagboom
total 25–17
Round 7
1 Mark Timmermans 0.5 Bogdan Lalic
2 Rene Krul 1–0 Francis Rayner
3 Rik de wilde 0.5 John Sugden
4 Jacques Hennekes 1–0 Howard Tebb
5 Marcel Playmert 0–1 Bernard Cafferty
6 Jan Willem Verloot 0–1 Daniel Lowe
7 Ton Slagboom 1–0 Paul Kelly
total 21–28

Invitation to Hastings Chess Club players

Invitation to Hastings Chess Club players for Sussex Day Event in Bexhill
Sussex Day is Saturday June 16th
Bexhill Chess Club have booked Bogdan Lalic to give a Simultaneous Display starting at 2pm
The event will be ‘opened’ by The Bexhill Mayor Tom Graham
There are only 30 places available for booking at a cost of £2 per board
Anyone below a BCF grade of 180 can reserve a place
Please telephone John Kimber on 07756 419951 to book your place or for directions
The venue is Christchurch Methodist Church Hall on Holliers Hill Bexhill, next to Bexhill Hospital TN40 2BX

summer tournament

summer tournament

entries are now invited to the summer tournaments

closing date may the 31st 2018

please note in order to be eligible to play in these tournaments you need to be a full member or a junior member of the club registered with the ECF and and have given your consent in writing for your telephone number and e-mail to be displayed on the club’s noticeboard anyone who does not fulfil these criteria will be admitted from the pairings if in doubt please contact Marc on (01424) 436313

Lewisham 2 v Hastings & St Leonards 2


Stevenson cup semi  FINAL 2018-04-29

Board Home Lewisham 2 Hastings & St Leonards 2 Away
1 (W) 166A (162)

Jacob, Sydney J

½ – ½

Elliston, Robert V

175C (169)
2 (B) 166A (163)

Stewart, Martin

½ – ½

Kelly, Paul J

170A (169)
3 (W) 153B (155)

Charles, Cosmo

0 – 1

Wheeler, James M

159A (163)
4 (B) 151B (150)

Wood, Peter R

1 – 0

Woodhams, Mason

136A (140)
5 (W) 145D (149)

Helsby, David C

0 – 1

Cload, Adrian

132A (119)
6 (B) 142B (138)

Alvares, Owen

0 – 1

Kimber, John D

119D (124)
Average 153 2 – 4 Average 148

Petts Wood & Orpington 2 v Hastings & St Leonards 3

En Passant cup semi- FINAL 2018-04-28

Board Home Petts Wood & Orpington 2 Hastings & St Leonards 3 Away
1 (B) 177D (181)

Jugand, Jean-Baptiste

½ – ½

Blewitt, Stephen D

161A (161)
2 (W) 168A (173)

Watson, Mikey

½ – ½

Wheeler, James M

159A (163)
3 (B) 146C (150)

Cook, John

0 – 1

Bryant, Marc A

136A (140)
4 (W) 130A (149)

Merriman, James

1 – 0

Woodhams, Mason

136A (140)
5 (B) 117E (116)

Zissell, Martin

0 – 1

Cload, Adrian

132A (119)
6 (W) 98A (98)

Mann, Lev

1 – 0

Hossack, Keith

113C (118)
Average 139 3 – 3 Average 139

Hastings win on board count

Bernard Cafferty talk

Bernard Cafferty talk

Bernard Cafferty will be doing is now traditional end of season talk on Thursday the 17th of may

which will include a roundup of the league season including

mid Sussex league

Kent league

also a discussion on potential rule changes and what the clubs position is to it

this will start at 7 PM in the upstairs room

Hastings & St Leonards 1 v Beckenham & Bromley 1

County cup semi  FINALS 2018-04-24

Board Home Hastings & St Leonards 1 Beckenham & Bromley 1 Away
1 (W) 241A (243)

Lalic, Bogdan

1 – 0

Snape, Ian L

205A (200)
2 (B) 210F (210)

Varley, Nicolas

½ – ½

Duggan, John E

206B (206)
3 (W) 192B (197)

Rayner, Francis

0 – 1

Newman, Joel KM

198A (200)
4 (B) 190A (190)

Sugden, John N

½ – ½

Prizant, Michael

186A (188)
5 (W) 182A (182)

Tebbs, Howard L

1 – 0

Barlerin, Samuel

158F (158)
6 (B) 170A (169)

Kelly, Paul J

1 – 0

Sands, Alan VH

163B (155)
Average 197 4 – 2 Average 186
  • The home side does not have a good record against Beckenham, but this
    time ran out winners by 4-2. It looked closer than that for most of the
    time, but board count looked favourable right from the time Bogdan
    scored a quick win of the exchange by advancing his passed pawn at d6
    against a Bc8, pinned against a Ra8 by Bogdan’s Rd8+.
    Paul was next to win as his opponent advanced awns on both sides of the
    board creating pawn weaknesses which told against him later in a long
    endgame. On second board Nicolas had to soak up slight pressure, but a
    draw was agreed in due course.
    The remaining three games were played in time trouble. Francis lost a
    pawn after having exerted good pressure and the game boiled over in play
    at breakneck speed, recalling my recent dictum that chess is not
    ping-pong! Francis lost on time when his opponent had only eight seconds
    left but was about to queen a pawn.
    This hubbub possibly got to John who had defended well against pressure.
    He reached an excellent position with the material advantage of two
    pawns up in a R & N ending, but the opponent’s aggressive king march
    from g1 to c5 gave good counter chances.
    Howard had to nurse a slight advantage for a long time, but a passed
    pawn at b6 enabled to turn the enemy flank by Ra7 and the resulting
    domination of the seventh rank led to a mating attack.    (BC 11.30pm 24 iv)
    Bogdan won due to superior preparation in a known line. I won a b pawn that had advanced to b5 and later some advance pawns on the king side. Nic had agreed a draw in a solid position, Howard won with some fighting chess. John was better but could only draw in time trouble. Francis had an  edge for much of the game but lost the thread in time trouble.
    So we get to the final at the Mick Jagger Centre on Sunday 5th May 1pm in Dartford . We will be without Bogdan and likely Francis unless he can get  a child minder.


Position of Housekeeper

Position of Housekeeper

A sub committee meeting was held on the evening of 3rd April 2018 to interveiw two applicants for the position of Housekeeper to take over the upper flat at Hastings and St Leonards Chess Club, Pelton House, 2 Cornwallis Terrace, Hastings. After interview and discussion a vote was taken and it was agreed that the successful candidate for the role of Housekeeper would be Marc Bryant who will take up the role on 1st June 2018 subject to a contract being drawn up and agreed between both parties.

Data protection rules

Data protection rules

Due to a change in law the club now requires your consent to show your telephone numbers and e-mail address on the club noticeboard

for your telephone number and e-mail to appear on the club’s list of members and contacts the committee now require your consent to this

if the consent is not forthcoming your e-mail and telephone number will be removed from the club’s list of contacts on or about the 5th of may

if you wish to your contact details to remain in the public domain them please reply to this e-mail giving your consent

Marc A Bryant


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